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August Editorial

Welcome to NonStop Insider


Let’s start with news and updates you will find in this August 2017 issue of the NonStop Insider:

  • The Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) meeting scheduled for 8am-5pm on Friday, October 13, 2017.
  • OzTUG event Sydney is scheduled for August 24, 2017; read an update to agenda and list of speakers.


Data Express talks about a new partnership recently established between DataExpress and comForte.

FSS brings us an article discussing FSS Toggle card control capabilities – a great read!

Another excellent article comes from TSI, as TSI sees greater alignment between NonStop and IBM with its Power Systems (formerly iSeries) and believes that both are seeing movement to the cloud!

Also, this month’s issue of Nonstop Insider features CAIL CEO, Ron Thompson, and we asked him to expand on topics previously addressed by TCM Managing Director, Tony Craig. As expected, Ron provides insights on NonStop from the platform perspective as well as suggestions to increase NonStop appeal in the enterprise.

A common thread among the vendors concerns the likely impact of vNonStop on their offerings. ETI takes a look at their backup solution and says: “The impact of virtualized NonStop on backup:  First the backup needs to be totally transparent and the same for a vNonStop as it is for the physical NonStop.  Since the physical tape cannot be used with vNonStop, the only solution is to virtualize the virtual tape solution.”

Omnipayments takes on a pragmatic view: “Remaining flexible, providing options, tracking what is new while not ignoring what is needed today, and being ever mindful that nimbleness sometimes requires a combination of systems to meet your needs, your way, is what drives OmniPayments to deliver the mission critical payments solutions that it now provides.”

Striim looks forward to vNonStop and suggests: “in the world of virtual machines enterprises can provision one virtual machine to run NonStop transaction processing applications with an adjacent virtual machine running analytics with yet other virtual machines supporting various database models”

There is a rather interesting observation that you will find in the HPE Corner by Richard Buckle that gels with all vendors’ thoughts regarding vNonStop….”visionaries left unchecked can promote products and solutions that simply don’t exist and that would likely be less revolutionary than expected once fully developed. However, this doesn’t lessen the value knowledgeable visionaries can provide as we all watch trends as they develop and we all want to be sure we are steering our management down a path that those responsible for supporting in the years to come will be only too happy to be associated with”

Richard also writes in the Pyalla Technologies submission “The message coming from HPE about transforming to hybrid IT, and indeed, the updated message of late about simplifying the transformation may be resonating with enterprises looking for leadership from HPE in this area but when it comes to NonStop, which could easily find viable roles to play in both traditional and cloud environments (it definitely has the tools to do this now if you check out the product roadmaps for NonStop), it is time that the NonStop vendor community begins to shift its focus from being a pure NonStop play to where this community offers solutions and middleware that capitalizes on what is present either side of the hybrid IT bridge.”

I hope you will enjoy this August 2017 issue of the NonStop Insider, and please address any comments you may have to

Margo Holen