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October Editorial

1 Year Anniversary Edition


Celebration of the whole year of publishing of the NonStop Insider couldn’t be in a better place than Albuquerque, NM, Balloon’s Fiesta. The now retired NonStop colleague, Mark Bydalek, took a picture that certainly conveys my feeling today. Pyalla Technologies arrives at the Fiesta today, so I will have more pictures to share! As for this year’s theme – how about “Inflate your Imagination!” Couldn’t have come up with anything better or more appropriate for what has been submitted this month to NonStop Insider.

Editorial oct 17

In this issue 1 of year 2 you will find contributions from HPE by Frans Jongma, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise who congratulates us on our anniversary and provides an update on the NonStop SQL/MX release 3.5. You will also find a contribution from Micro Focus – Ron LaPedis, a global enablement specialist at Micro Focus, reflects on Tandem 6530!

Overall, this issue is content rich and I am sure you will enjoy reading about the excitement building up as the NonStop Technical BootCamp (TBC) preparations are coming to an end.

Also you will find a theme of partnerships – between HPE and NonStop Vendors, and amongst NonStop Vendors. In this issue it is about a leading security vendor, comForte, partnering with Data Express reselling both NonStop and Open Systems version of the product, partnering with Infrasoft’s and reselling uLinga product and partnering with NextBridge and reselling its new NSGit product!

I think we all want to understand what will be Nonstop’s role in the HPE’s NEXT program and will the NonStop team be impacted by the workforce reduction announced recently. I guess we need to wait and see what messages will be given to us by HPE at the TBC!

If you like our anniversary issue – let me know! If not, please do not hesitate to let me know what have we missed!


See you at TBC,