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March, 2017 Edition
15 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Now we have it – it’s official. vNonStop was simply a project or code name for a serious revisit of the very fundamentals of NonStop. No longer grounded in the physical realm requiring real, unique, machines we can all touch and feel but rather, set free to run “virtual” as guests of hypervisors and running in virtual machines on an ... read more


Will it Go Round in Circles?

Published by: Guest Editorial - Ron LaPedis

You may remember me from such hits as renaming NonStop TM/MP back to NonStop TMF or promoting RDF/ZLT (Zero Lost Transactions). You might remember my PowerPoint slide stating, “Like Cheerios are part of a complete breakfast, workforce recovery is part of a complete disaster recovery plan.” Or you might just remember me from Mr. Ed. Along ... read more


Evening at aqua shard

Published by: CSP

eBITUG 2017 is Europe’s largest NonStop conference featuring speakers from all over the EMEA region, a large HPE presence and many participating partners and vendors. eBITUG 2017 runs from May 8th to May 10th in London, UK. CSP is proud to be the sole sponsor of the Evening at aqua shard located in The Shard, London. This event is ... read more


What does 2017 hold for HPE?

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Two activities dominated the calendar for Pyalla Technologies, LLC. – the ATMIA US Conference and the upcoming HPE NonStop Partner Symposium. Both represent opportunity to better understand two major stakeholders within the NonStop community – HPE and Solutions Vendors. When it comes to understanding where NonStop is headed and what the ... read more


DataExpress can just as easily move a file to a program as it can move it to a robot …

Published by: DataExpress

Today there is a high correlation between DataExpress deployments and Financial Institutions (FIs). As we look at our NonStop customers, they depend upon DataExpress as it runs the gamut of FIs from banks to switches to card processors. Whether it is the card issuer or the payment processing network, at some point there are files that ... read more


Striim is ready for IoT!

Published by: Striim

Ever since Dr. Tim Chou gave the keynote presentation at last year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp it’s as if every other week he is posting to one web site or another. Missed in these exchanges, if you have been following them, may have been the news that Dr. Chou has been appointed to the board of Teradata – even though his early days, ... read more


Knightcraft Technology is pleased to announce its partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Published by: Knightcraft Technology

With specialized skills in security, auditing, PCI DSS compliance and implementation of comForte and XYGATE® software as well as a strong background in HPE NonStop (Tandem) system management, Knightcraft can help your organization meet its security and compliance objectives for HPE NonStop servers wherever you are located. We have ... read more


Time has proved good for HPE and NonStop;

Published by: Richard Buckle for Banking Technology

Having spent many years in the technology wilderness, has HPE finally determined the future of NonStop? Thinking about the more than 40 years that have passed since we were first introduced to fault tolerant Tandem Computers, particularly considering what transpired following the acquisition of Tandem Computers by Compaq and then Compaq ... read more


FSS solutions on HPE NonStop

Published by: FSS

Financial Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd (FSS), Head Quartered in India, is a global leader in electronic and digital payments sector. FSS offers products and services in transactions switching, card issuance, transactions acquiring across channels (ATM, POS, Mobile, e-Commerce), back office reconciliation & settlement and more. FSS ... read more


TCM: The NonStop Upgrade ‘X’perts

Published by: TCM

  HPE has really turned a corner with NonStop X. Whereas infrastructure executives were previously showing some concern at what they perceived to be a non-standard platform, the launch of the NonStop X server, based entirely on the x86 processor, has given organisations the opportunity to revisit their long term strategic direction. ... read more


IR is participating in key HPE events

Published by: IR

The first quarter of 2017 is drawing to a close and already concerns IR management may have had about the strength of the NonStop business have dissipated. Opportunities for new sales of Prognosis that proved elusive late last year, following the HP split into HPQ and HPE, are now looking a lot better. Our focus naturally is on the ... read more


Social Media Round-Up – March

Published by: NonStop Insider

If the focus last month centered on “a little new, a little old” – a reference to discussions around what constitutes a legacy system along with discussions about the future of NonStop, with respect who would be architecting new applications, then the focus this month has been broadened to include “a little younger and a little older!” ... read more