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April, 2017 Edition
16 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea to page through the quarterly financial reports coming from HPE or check out all the commentaries posted by the financial community who closely follow HPE, it is still important for the NonStop community to be aware of how HPE is performing. Quite frankly, on first reading, some of the stories ... read more


What does 2017 hold for Pyalla Technologies?

Published by: Pyalla Technologies Ltd.

In recent times I have been asked to explain, in a lot more detail than ever before, the business model for Pyalla Technologies, LLC. What appears to interest those asking the question has more to do with me explaining how I have managed to build a business from the low-key blogging I began doing back when I was part of the GoldenGate ... read more


InfiniBand Wish List for the NonStop X

Published by: Caleb Enterprises Ltd.

The cornerstone of any application is the architecture of the platform(s) – the foundation – upon which it is predicated. The architect’s job is to understand the foundation and to design a business solution that makes optimal use of that foundation. NonStop is a platform that has a particular architecture that is both its blessing ... read more


Take your NonStop to The Cloud

Published by: TCM

  With the dawn of the Virtualised NonStop, many more services are now being opened up to the NonStop community and starting to attract advocates of Cloud into the NonStop world. While Public cloud is the long-term goal, a Private cloud appears more achievable in the shorter term. In the meantime, a growing number of NonStop ... read more


OmniPayments tunes in to microservices

Published by: OmniPayments

Technology moves quickly – it’s a fast changing world. People’s expectations evolve and reflect developing trends, with some at the forefront whereas others may prefer a more leisurely approach. Irrespective of the time taken to embrace new technology, businesses remain sensitive to the correlation that may exist between new technology ... read more


FSS Mobile Pay –

Published by: FSS

  FSS Mobile Pay – Leading Mobile Banking & Payments to next level Most of the recent Mobile Banking and Payments solutions were being developed using the native application development approach. The front-end of these mobile applications were developed using the native platform of a specific device and the back-end was ... read more


Tiered and Policy Based Data Backup –

Published by: Tributary Systems Inc.

In this first part of a two part series on data backup, TSI will introduce the concepts of tiering and policy and highlight their importance they both have for any enterprise planning to do just a little more than “making copies” as the sole fallback solution whenever disasters occur. Selecting the right solution for an enterprise ... read more


Infrasoft rides the bomBora wave!

Published by: Infrasoft

  In a previous article to NonStop Insider we opened with the observation about change being the destiny for many particularly when it comes to IT. Rarely a day passes without one vendor or another talking up new products or features with the potential to change the whole course of computing as we currently know it. However, for ... read more


No Transaction Left Behind or Forgotten

Published by: Ron LaPedis

With apologies to Lilo and Stich, that was the idea behind RDF/ZLT, or Remote Database Facility/Zero Lost Transactions. Based on a custom version of RDF written for a major UK bank, along with “Nomadic Disk” technology, RDF/ZLT used a remote mirror to ensure that transactions committed to the primary database, but not yet replicated to ... read more


Local NonStop Users’ Groups –

Published by: NonStop Insider

‘Regional User Groups’ (RUGs) ‘Local Chapters’, or the old standard ‘TUG’ (a diminutive of the old international group ITUG). Whatever you like to call them, there are a lot of them. (You can find a list of them all here: http://www.connect‑ One person who supports a RUG stated: “The RUG [events] take on ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

As I took an early look at the contribution coming from former Tandem Computers colleague, Keith Dick, my attention was drawn to the topic of where we go for more information about NonStop – not just in general, but whenever we encounter situations that surprise us. Turning to our peers may not provide the answers we need nor are we ... read more