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July, 2017 Edition
14 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Towards the end of last month’s column I continued with the theme of change and of what I anticipated will be concerning the leadership of HPE. At the time I had written that, while nothing was announced at HPE Discover 2017, the buzz all across the floor of the exhibition was that something was afoot. I also noted how Executive VP, ... read more


Striim scores big when it counts

Published by: Striim

If you want to be an actor, your path will eventually take you to Hollywood or perhaps to Broadway. If you are really into advertising, then you will more than likely find yourself drawn to New York’s Madison Avenue. As for Fashion, it would be a toss-up between Paris and Milan. On the other hand, if you are into technology, then the ... read more


Pyalla Technologies continues to analyze messages delivered at HPE Discover 2017

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

There have been a couple of posts to the NonStop community blog that are worth highlighting. Both had to do with the potential for NonStop to be more tightly associated with HPE Synergy. And why is this worth noting? Whenever HPE singles out major themes or initiatives it backs them up with serious marketing dollars and if there is one ... read more


And they paid happily ever after…

Published by: FSS

“It was rather early in a foggy morning, Sean Philip, VP of Marketing at a global major at New York hopped into Noah’s to grab a bagel. Same time, little early in the breezy night, Kumaran, the seasoned fisherman at a hamlet in Tuticorin southern coast of India stepped into local store to get his fishing hooks. Sean waves the payment ... read more


Gravic helps businesses transform their IT

Published by: Gravic

When it comes to transformation, a topic on which so much is being published, it is hard to ignore that much of what business is calling transformation is simply a reflection of the catch-up being undertaken to modernize platforms, infrastructure, and applications. Hybrid IT and its emphasis on traditional computing being integrated with ... read more


Social Media Round-up – July 2017

Published by: NonStop Insider

At some point in July the industry in the Northern Hemisphere quietly slips into vacation mode. There are many who are happily sipping margaritas at the local “tiki bar” and this will likely continue well into late August, before there is any sign of a return to what might be considered as business as usual. If you have been unaware of ... read more