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December, 2017 Edition
20 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

From Synergy to Superdome Flex, the support of commodity hardware and industry standards means NonStop has even more of the HPE landscape to address! As last month’s update on all things HPE came to a close, reference was made to promotional posts made by Kirk Bresniker, HPE Labs Chief Architect, in support of his presentation on The ... read more


NonStop CEOs have their say –

Published by: NonStop Insider

What is the business of your company, Insider Technologies, and how do you work with the HPE NonStop team today? HPE is a partner? Or planned to be? Do you have other partnerships – how would you rate HPE today?  Insider Technologies manage data for some of the world’s most demanding organisations. Our NonStop applications provide ... read more


DataExpress – exploring all the options for running on NonStop at 2017 NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Francisco

Published by: DataExpress

The expectation from DataExpress is that with this issue of NonStop Insider there will be a lot of coverage following the conclusion of a very successful NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC). As always it was only natural for DataExpress to participate in this event and Susie Raye’s  participation is already providing valuable feedback. As ... read more


Partner Up

Published by: Insider Technologies

It’s fair to say that the success of the NonStop community is largely down to the strength of vendor partnerships. Whether directly on the HPE price list, or by word of mouth, many opportunities would not exist without the endorsement of our “Frenemies”. Selecting the right partner is a critical path to representation of a company’s ... read more


Pyalla Technologies observations and commentaries following NonStop Technical Boot Camp, San Francisco, and HPE Discover, Madrid!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Back to back events bookending a major US holiday are never easy to accommodate and yet, the closeness between the NonStop centric event, the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), and the much broader HPE centric event, HPE Discover, Madrid, saw the spotlight firmly directed on messages the NonStop community likes to hear. Investment ... read more


Infrasoft warms to news from TBC

Published by: Infrasoft

It has been our experience that the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) has always proved to be spirited affair – the HPE NonStop team is always excited to be revealing something new! Over the past couple of years we have been presented with the news of the deep port to the Intel x86 architecture and more recently, the NonStop developers ... read more


Improving NonStop Optics and Appeal

Published by: CAIL

  Just recently CAIL forwarded a NonStop update to the community with options to further improve information services – to increase platform profile and value within their business. Expressed another way, this is about highlighting NonStop is the real deal in supporting mission critical applications and improving business ... read more


Boot Camp impresses Lusis Payments

Published by: Lusis Payments

Another successful NonStop Technical Boot Camp came to a close and Lusis Payments enjoyed meeting both old and new friends at the conference.  The new venue was a nice change and seemed appreciated by everyone involved.  Lusis looks forward to attending next year and learning how things have changed given the recent announcement that Meg ... read more


Tributary Systems’ Observations on the 2017 NonStop Bootcamp

Published by: Tributary Systems, Inc

As a longtime member of the NonStop “ecosphere”, first with Tandem, then Compaq, followed by HP, and now with Tributary Systems, I’m always amazed at the dedication HPE, the many talented partners, and of course the NonStop customer base, maintains for what is now a 40 year old product family. This continually reinforces the fact that ... read more


FSS Payment Trends for 2018

Published by: FSS

Five themes are driving change in payments today. Individually they have a significant impact on the way we pay. Combined, these effects are amplified, creating a powerful force on the payments landscape. Faster Payments Accelerate Growth of Open Payments Currently, several countries have or continue to modernize payment infrastructure ... read more


BITUG Little SIG witnesses presentation that generated considerable buzz throughout the NonStop community

Published by: BITUG

There is always one presentation that not only stands out but generates considerable buzz among the attendees that oftentimes then transitions to the NonStop community at large. At this year’s Little SIG event at Barclays’ Canary Wharf offices, the presentation from Damian Ward of Vocalink / Mastercard (and also the incoming 2018 BITUG ... read more


OmniPayments celebrating with NonStop!

Published by: OmniPayments

Major events are always opportunities for OmniPayments to showcase its team and its products. It is important for the NonStop community to know just how committed we are to the NonStop platform and one way we like to do that is to give the community visibility to those working for the company. Likewise, when it comes to the product, ... read more


Social Media Round-Up, December 2017

Published by: NonStop Insider

The variety of posts and exchanges across social media reflects an increased usage of the various channels. We all have our preferences, of course, but there is little excuse today not to be well-informed on any topic related to NonStop whether it is about the latest system, a new solution or a development platform. It’s all out there ... read more