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February, 2018 Edition
15 Articles

The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

Last month’s column opened with how it is still hard for most of us to comprehend just how much has changed for NonStop in recent times. New product families, new dependencies and yes, even new financial models, and yet with all the changes it still comes back to being a case of “business as usual” for many NonStop users who simply ... read more


NonStop CEOs have their say

Published by: NSI

What is the business of your company, and how do you work with the HPE NonStop team today? HPE is a partner? Or planned to be? Do you have other partnerships – how would you rate HPE today? NuWave Technologies is a provider of middleware targeting the NonStop community. We have been in business since the late 90s and have steadily built ... read more


NTI engineers bring the NonStop community a better choice for data replication

Published by: NTI

“Data; it’s about data!” Furthermore, when it comes to data today it’s also about data analytics where data is all important and more data, well, even more important. According to Gartner, “Today, disciplines are merging and approaches to data and analytics are becoming more holistic and encompassing the entire business. Forward-thinking ... read more


What the Hell is NSGit Anyway?

Published by: Nexbridge

Since NSGit was officially released, there has been confusion about what NSGit actually is and what it isn’t. Hopefully, I can clear up all of the confusion in this short post. First, it would help to know that git is the leading Open Source Distributed Version Control System. It is used to manage a large portion of Open Source code out ... read more


Striim predictions published by Forbes

Published by: Striim

For as long as there have been posts to social media sites, there have been lists. Late night television host, David Letterman, made famous the idea of the Top 10 list as each night he rattled off items that had made his list, which typically featured something that had made the headlines earlier in the day. Intended to be funny where ... read more


Phased migrations make it easier for NonStop users to automate file transfers!

Published by: DataExpress

There have been so many articles being written of late saying, to paraphrase Archimedes, if we have access to enough data we can move the world. There is barely a day that passes by without headlines from one enterprise or another talking of how it is leveraging not only data but deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence ... read more


Everything in one place.

Published by: Insider Technologies

Software and technology companies operate in one of the most rapidly evolving industries of all, with immense shifts in development, infrastructure, customer expectations and business models. The ability to continually keep pace with these changes whilst grappling with fragmented business systems, siloed data and manual processes is ... read more


Social Media Round-up

Published by: NonStop Insider

When you consider how many social media channels are actively supported by the NonStop community there are always the big three – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. There are also many news blogs supported by vendors, but for many of us, we do find the time to check out what has been posted to LinkedIn before checking our Facebook and ... read more