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March, 2018 Edition
20 Articles

NTI – integration and replication…

Published by: NTI

In last month’s article, we opened with the observation, “Data; it’s about data!” and that, according to Gartner, “Today, disciplines are merging and approaches to data and analytics are becoming more holistic and encompassing the entire business. Forward-thinking organizations are already on this path.” In the weeks that have passed, ... read more


The HPE Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

There is a reason the music industry has its “top of the pops” lists and why we have polls tracking the performance of sports teams. Those of us interested in one or the other want to know what is trending up. For us, the basis of purchase of music tracks and tickets to games is based on the presumption that if something is trending up ... read more


HPE: News from the very top …

Published by: HPE

HPE: News from the very top … This is the first article of a series that will focus on articles and interviews featuring HPE CEO, Antonio Neri. After all, when it comes to the topic of vision, strategy and markets, who’s better placed to describe the HPE big picture than Neri! What follows here is a post this past week by Neri to the ... read more


The New Reality:

Published by: CSP

Hybrid IT in a Nutshell Hybrid IT can be defined as the mix of IT infrastructure platforms (legacy on-premise and private/public hybrid clouds) that an enterprise uses to satisfy its application workload and data needs. There are several factors that have driven the adoption of hybrid IT infrastructures, including the need to maintain ... read more


Data is the New Growth Currency

Published by: FSS

Analytics is at the core of innovation and differentiation in payments.  With the growth of digital payments, banks have a plethora of data available from an increasing number of digital payment sources including issuance and acquiring systems Advanced analytics can unlock patterns hidden in massive data flows.   Connecting the Dots ... read more


Striim delivers best in class in-flight data processing via industry leading streaming analytics platform

Published by: Striim

One of the unique characteristics of the NonStop community is its willingness to give everyone a fair go. It’s just the way the NonStop community behaves and this willingness can be traced back to the early days of Tandem Computers where all major development initiatives were instigated only after consensus had been reached among those ... read more


DataExpress – the best option for the NonStop community to move files when it comes down to features and quality

Published by: DataExpress

There are many ways to move files. Just as there are many ways to peel potatoes and to erect a tent, but as mundane as these examples may be, it highlights just how little attention we give to ensuring mundane tasks get accomplished without a glitch. Utilities have been supplied by vendors for a long time, with major vendors including ... read more


HPE in 2018

Published by: Tributary Systems

Richard asks an interesting question and I prognosticate: When Richard sent out his email requesting submissions for the March 2018 issue of the “NonStop Insider”, he posed a question that got me thinking. He asked: “We have just come off a good financial quarter by HPE – will this continue? Is it a one-off? And what does a strong HPE ... read more


NonStop CEOs have their say

Published by: NonStop Insider

What is the business of your company? We provide NonStop customers with software technology they need to secure their data coming, going, and resting on NonStop systems, and, we provide solutions to allow NonStop customers to extend the value of NonStop data, mainly through data access, but by also streamlining Operations.   And how do ... read more


ETI-NET customers value RUG events!

Published by: ETI-NET

If it is March then it is time for NonStop RUGs – Regional User Groups events – to kick-off in earnest. Many years ago when Tandem Computers was really dominating the market there were some 30+ RUG communities around the globe and while the numbers have fallen over the years, there is no letup in the enthusiasm among those ... read more


TCM and the growth of NonStop

Published by: TCM

Are we seeing a steady growing upturn in interest in HPE NonStop? Well, as sponsors of various regional NonStop user events, including the likes of BITUG, EBITUG, GTUG, VNUG and the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), we are seeing first-hand just how much interest there is today in all things NonStop related. So, the answer is, ... read more


Big Data. Simplified.

Published by: Insider Technologies

Massive volumes of electronic transactions are being processed, every single second of every day, relentlessly, all around the world. Payments transactions, including: automated teller machine (ATM) and retail point of sale (POS) traffic, SWIFT and money transactions, inter-bank transfers, emails, SMS and text messages, corporate ... read more


HPE RUG events worldwide, 2018

Published by: NonStop Insider

  Even as attendees at the recent SunTUG event absorb the material covered at this event, a number of them are preparing to head to Arizona for the next big RUG event, DUST. And it really is only the beginning … May will be a very busy time for all those making the journey to Europe as there will be major events in both London, ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

How many blogs do you read on a regular basis? How involved are you with your community? Do you get involved in conversations on topics of interest to you and possibly important for your enterprise? When it comes to the NonStop community, most everyone involved with NonStop has taken some time out to read one post, discussion or ... read more