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May, 2019 Edition
20 Articles

HPE NonStop – one partner’s perspective

Published by: NonStop Insider

It is not a surprise for anyone watching the flow of announcements coming from HPE to see so much emphasis being placed on the Edge. More specifically, the Intelligent Edge which centers today on the Aruba product line. In a press release of November 29, 2018, as covered in an article by the IDG / Computerworld publication, ARN – ... read more


Pyalla Technologies … NonStop’s initiatives continue to help it meet your new business needs!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

As you read this month’s update it will be only a matter of days before we head out to Edinburgh for the ETBC hosted by BITUG. We are really looking forward to catching up with many of you and I know that the organizers will have done a great job to ensure the content provided during the event is topical and holds our interest. As for ... read more


Striim; announcements keep coming even as Striim will be participating at ETBC as a Gold Sponsor!

Published by: Striim

If you have been following Striim on LinkedIn or Twitter you will have seen how active Striim is in its support for industry events worldwide – from Strata NY/SF/London to cloud-specific events with Google, AWS, and Microsoft. Maybe you’ve seen the recent news of how Striim and Snowflake have just announced a strategic partnership aimed ... read more


Expanding NonStop Opportunities

Published by: CAIL

On April 30, 2019 CAIL participated in the NYTUG where this topic was the subject of the presentation given at that time. For those who will be attending ETBC, hosted by BITUG, this presentation will be repeated – it should prove topical for all those interested to hear of what really is needed to better align the benefits that come from ... read more


DevOps: The Internal Sell

Published by: Nexbridge

As you all know, I’ve been living on my DevOps soapbox for what seems like decades and more projects than I can count – well – I can count pretty high, but since most traditional DevOps projects fail somewhere in the middle, the number is irrelevant (or irrational, if you are a mathie or geek like me); rather how I feel when things go ... read more


Changing NonStop systems without help from integrators is well, like changing planes in mid-flight!

Published by: OmniPayments

Integration and integrators are becoming a hot topic of late. With as much talk as there is about migrations, modernizations and transformations it shouldn’t come as a surprise that enterprises everywhere are looking for outside help. In many instances, their IT staff is focused on the issues of today and in so doing, may not be up to ... read more


An SME in the Big Leagues

Published by: LUSIS

With its solution Tango, the SME LUSIS has become a key player in the field of electronic payment system. Philippe Preval, CEO of LUSIS, tells us more on this success story. *This is a translated article from “LA JAUNE ET LA ROUGE” The review of Polytechnique. A few excerpts from the story. To read the full interview please ... read more


We’ll see you at ETBC!

Published by: Insider Technologies

Where you can also join Mark Thomasson for his “World Class, Real-Time Transaction Monitoring” presentation, Braemar Suite, 15 May, 14:50. For 30 years, our solutions have been at the heart of our clients’ infrastructure. From the UK’s Central Bank to the most secure intelligence agencies, the ability to monitor big data has been core to ... read more


DataExpress – always delivering data where it’s needed safely and securely!

Published by: DataExpress

There is a lot of travel looming for many members of the NonStop community. If you are part of this user community, perhaps there is no bigger event in spring than the annual European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC), hosted by BITUG, and this year’s ETBC, in Edinburgh, Scotland, is one event that is being highly anticipated. Perhaps it was ... read more


Gravic Celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

Published by: Gravic

In 2019, our 40th year of business, we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Swings in the economy, the stock market, inflation, regulation changes, IT analyst fads, and even the price of oil were met as opportunities and not problems. How do we measure our success? It is in making progress toward our core purpose of ... read more


Tributary Systems and the ETBC

Published by: Tributary Systemss

BITUG, the British Isles Tandem Users Group, is hosting the NonStop European Technical Bootcamp May 13th through the 15th, so it’s now right around the corner.  This year, the group has chosen Edinburgh rather than London for the venue. According to what I’ve read, the Sheraton Grand Hotel is only a 15 minute walk from the historic ... read more


Incident Response

Published by: Ron LaPedis

As far as we know, a NonStop server has never successfully been hacked. But as much as we wish that they would, NSK do not sit in a vacuum. Surrounding them are Linux, Unix, Windows and other lesser computer systems. Not to mention networking gear and the leakiest component of all, humans.     Cyber Response? No – Be proactive, not ... read more


HPE RUG gain momentum – May Update

Published by: NonStop Insider

Last year it was Leipzig and it seems only a short time ago, but the pages of the calendar have continued to be torn away and it’s May, 2019! Edinburgh has been the site of other NonStop events – it was spring of 1999 when I attended a European ITUG Summit event in Edinburgh that was held in the same hotel – and the choice today ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

In case you missed all the celebrations as covered in multiple tweets, HPE celebrated the opening of its “New Digs” … yes the new HQ building is in San Jose and very soon I am sure we will all know the way (to HPE)! It may not mean such a big a deal for many of us in the NonStop community, but this was one of the most anticipated ... read more