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June, 2019 Edition
19 Articles

Edinburgh Wrap-Up: A very successful ETBC!

Published by: NonStop Insider

With ETBC, Edinburgh, hosted by BITUG now just a memory it was only natural to turn to TCM for an observation. After all, with ETBC only a stone’s throw from TCM’s head office in Glenrothes there had to be an extra sense of excitement leading up to the event.  “Kicking off with the pre-conference TCM Golf Day, we were delighted to be ... read more


Thanks and Gratitude …

Published by: TCM

Following ETBC, TCM is feeling rather thankful…   Thanks and Gratitude … to all of the participants who attended TCM’s pre-conference golf day. Taking advantage of a small window of time in an otherwise full schedule, TCM’s golf day was an extremely enjoyable event, with a surprisingly high standard of golf ... read more


DataExpress – Watching for early signs of additional ways to consume DataExpress!

Published by: DataExpress

In the articles published in the previous two issues of NonStop Insider, travel was very much the heavily featured topic. Not surprising, really, as there were a lot of user events taking place – some held locally, with mainly a regional participation, while other events were much bigger, attracting more global attention. For 2019 to ... read more


Gravic: A summary of accomplishments

Published by: Gravic

The Gravic team’s heavy workload has recently produced articles while presenting on HPE Shadowbase on both sides of the Atlantic. What follows here is a summary of accomplishments since we last published in the NonStop Insider. Gravic Publishes Article on How to Successfully Host a Hackathon Gravic recently published an article, From ... read more


HPE NonStop – one partner’s perspective

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

ETBC Edinburgh is now behind us and the NonStop community is onto digesting fresh news coming out of San Jose. The big news from HPE of late has been the release of its Q2, 2019, financial results. Together with additional commentary from the investor community, the news is pretty good although the overall impression given by investors ... read more


Striim; from HPE NonStop on-prem databases to integration with Clouds and more, Striim covers all the bases!

Published by: Striim

The recent European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) for the HPE NonStop community that was hosted by the local BITUG Regional User Group (RUG) gave Striim an opportunity to revisit the value proposition of Striim to the NonStop community; for some, it’s been a while since they heard about Striim, the product, in its present form. There is no ... read more


7 Things About Insider and a MultiBatch 9.5 Upgrade you Never Knew Existed

Published by: Insider Technologies

1) Easy to do As part of the MultiBatch 9.5 release, a menu driven upgrade macro (to accompany the base installation macro) is supplied. The upgrade will convert database files, install new macros, new object files (compatible across H, J, L-series platforms), and update the data definition libraries, all with minimal user intervention. ... read more


Insider Technologies: Job Opportunity

Published by: Insider Technologies Senior HPE NonStop Developer Your role is to work on the HPE Nonstop (formerly Tandem) Systems as a Software Developer, designing and developing new functionality to the Insider Technologies product set in C/C++, TAL and COBOL, as well as maintaining our existing code. Requirements Development ... read more


Expanding NonStop Opportunities – Update

Published by: CAIL

In previous NonStop Insider articles along with CAIL presentations at NYTUG and  ETBC / BITUG – insights were provided on “ Expanding NonStop Opportunities “. This is based on the unique attributes of NonStop to improve business outcomes in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world. And create greater awareness that NonStop should be the ... read more


NonStop systems were the focus of many events this year – did you see us and did you visit with our OmniPayments team?

Published by: OmniPayments

Just back from the big European ETBC event held in Scotland. This is the annual event that is now alternating between Germany and the UK, with outstanding local support coming from the NonStop volunteers and this year, we tip our hats to the excellent work done by the BITUG committee in creating another conference that pulled together ... read more


HPE RUGs gain momentum – May Update

Published by: NonStop Insider

While ETBC, Edinburgh featured highly in many people’s thoughts of late, there were still other events taking place over the last month. Whether you caught up with your local team in Europe or the US or your travels took you to the bottom of South America, there were plenty of opportunities for the NonStop community to avail themselves ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

There have been numerous posts and tweets coming from the NonStop vendor community following RUG events worldwide: ETBC, Scotland; NYTUG – New Jersey; LATUG – Colombia and Chile –you can read more about these successful events in the HPE RUGs gain momentum – May Update included in this month’s issue of NonStop Insider. There was a lot of ... read more