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May, 2020 Edition
19 Articles

ETI-NET to provide backup that’s more secure, faster and better integrated with BackBox Virtual Tape Controller

Published by: ETI-NET

In a time when social distancing has become an art form as we have become well-versed in changing direction whenever we step outside in order to maintain separation how many of us know, with absolute precision, what six feet (1.8 meters) looks like? With social distancing that comes from working remotely as we took up residency in front ... read more


comforte and CSP Join Forces

Published by: CSP

Computer Security Products Inc. (CSP), a leader in HPE NonStop security solutions, today announced a formal cooperation with comforte AG. This partnership will make it even easier for NonStop users to obtain and benefit from CSP’s suite of NonStop security solutions. Comforte is a well-established leader in the development, marketing, ... read more


Are You ______ in Place?

Published by: Ascert

I have never been a fan of following the crowd. The one exception is the “shelter in place” order that it seems like most of the world is under right now. For many people, working at home has forced upon them a new way of doing business. The technology to do so efficiently has been with us for a while, but not until the worldwide ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla

Another month, another period stuck practicing social distancing: Likelihood is more weeks to follow given the current status of this global pandemic. How are you faring? Still making regular trips to the coffee pot, the refrigerator and the bathroom? Looking good? How’s the workout regime going? When it comes to Margo and me, the ... read more


NTI watching what’s changed: the need for social distancing and what hasn’t changed: the need for business continuity.

Published by: NTI

Knowing how well NonStop customers and vendors have made adjustments during this time of dealing with the global pandemic, it wouldn’t be a surprise to read that here at NTI, we too have been making adjustments. The NonStop community has reacted positively and in this issue of NonStop Insider there are sure to be many articles covering ... read more


When bits were flipped …

Published by: Ron LaPedis

When so many of us are working remotely and completely dependent on the networks we connect to, it’s worth a look at how it once looked and of the difficulties getting one NonStop to talk to the other … a fun look from times past. A long time ago in a city shrouded in fog, I started out as a field software engineer for Tandem. A customer ... read more


NonStop Events: Never Miss Them Again

Published by: Insider Technologies

Your application is generating poorly structured application events. When written directly to EMS, unformatted, rather than a sequence of tokens, EMS generates a default event on behalf of the initiating entity, all of which have the same token settings. Filtering and monitoring of this information is at best an expensive processing ... read more


A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

Published by: NonStop Insider

Conversations continue around availability. Those of us in the NonStop community that know that our cell phones, our credit cards, medicines, retailers that run NonStop means that we don’t have to worry about availability. You don’t have to think about (infrastructure and applications) with the COVID-19 lockdown. All of which is a great ... read more


HPE RUGs – 2020 “season” is not likely to restart before September!

Published by: NonStop Insider

At a time when we are all rather nervously looking out the window to see what’s up, the news is looking rather bleak when it comes to gatherings of any kind. While some countries and states have extended social distancing to include ten individuals, for most of us it’s still limited to just the immediate family. For a community that ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [April 2020]

Published by: NonStop Insider

HPE Community blog –   The first place you should turn to each month is the HPE Community blog. This month it features the latest post by HPE Mission Critical Systems (MCS)’ own Karen Copeland. Leading the HPE NonStop product management team, Karen’s topic this time just happened to hit very close to home for all members of the ... read more