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July, 2020 Edition
19 Articles

HPE NonStop Corner

Published by: NonStop Insider

As June came to an end it was HPE Discover Virtual Experience that dominated all conversations related to HPE. Spanning three days, if you include all the pre-event briefings, what truly stood out was the accessibility of the HPE leadership who not only gave presentations, but also (in most cases), sat through the Q and A sessions that ... read more


HPE Discover 2020

Published by: HPE

As everyone knows HPE Discover was completely virtual this year.  It was free and there were many sign-ups.  I heard that Antonio Neri’s keynote has been viewed over 750,000 times so far. All in all from what I see and hear Discover 2020 has been a great success.  Normally NonStop will have a booth at Discover and we may have a talk or ... read more


Are You Changing or Getting Changed?

Published by: Ascert

In today’s world where everyone seems to have a differing point of view, there is one thing that everyone can agree on. The world is going through massive change. Duh, right? Here’s the deal. You can either harness change to enable a positive transformation in yourself or your business or you can let it transform you. The problem with ... read more


The use case for Single Sign-on and Identity and Access Management on NonStop Systems

Published by: comforte

Every day, employees log in to many different software programs, from email to payment systems, and a myriad of other applications designed to help accomplish their daily tasks. Remembering all of the usernames and passwords associated with these products can be a real challenge with some users storing passwords insecurely, leading to ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

There is a number of ways that you can create a sense of community in the blossoming world of virtual events. Some platforms work whereas others leave you wanting more. During the month of June Margo and I have participated in a number of such virtual events and while we are not about to champion ZOOM, it certainly has its advantages. ... read more


Compliance Issues with File Integrity Monitoring? How One Financial Institution Solved Theirs with CSP

Published by: CSP

  File Integrity Monitoring is an important requirement of the PCI data security standard for maintaining confidential (e.g., cardholder) information, and is considered a crucial part of protecting business assets. NonStop systems are now being used in far more dynamic situations and have more external connections than ever before. ... read more


Gravic Publishes New HPE Shadowbase White Paper: The Benefits of Switching from Scale-up to Scale-out Architectures

Published by: Gravic

Gravic just published the white paper, The Benefits of Switching from Scale-up to Scale-out Architectures. Keeping up with user demand and managing a service outage or brownout is a significant challenge for IT departments. The traditional scale-up approach suffers from significant limitations and cost issues that prevent it from ... read more


MultiBatch: Tradition meets Modernisation

Published by: Insider Technologies

We know that for almost four decades, the HPE NonStop architecture has been the ideal choice when high level availability and reliability are paramount. MultiBatch, conceived in 1985, has gone hand in hand with HPE NonStop providing workload automation on NonStop for over 30 years.  It is in many ways a mature product that is used by a ... read more


Prognosis: Focus on insight drives new payments analytics solutions based on next generation Prognosis platform.

Published by: IR

At this year’s HPE Discover Virtual Experience, HPE CEO Antonio Neri emphasized HPE’s belief that as an industry, we are entering the age of insight. This is making the next phase of digital transformation a reality. According to Neri, “We are awash in data, and lacking connectivity and insight. I believe we are nearing the end of the ... read more


Tango V8 – An Implementation of Microservices ArchitectureV

Published by: Lusis Payments

Introduction Our broadly used Tango software is an implementation of a microservice architecture.  Tango was not initially designed to be “microservice”, it was more properly designed to implement a transactional, mission critical, Service Oriented Architecture “that works” (SOATW!). By “that works” I mean, performant, scalable, avoiding ... read more


NTI applauds the commitments companies are making to NonStop; Business Continuity remains a priority.

Published by: NTI

The global pandemic has stuck deep into communities and, for many of us, it’s been either a circumstance where we have been in lockdown or perhaps allowed some travel for essentials. It’s been a time of deep reflection about work and the impact on assumptions we have made about traditional workplace environments. For many of us it has ... read more


Our legacy is our integrity …

Published by: Pyalla Technologies, LLC

NonStop systems have been associated with payments solutions and ATM networks almost from the day the first system was delivered. This is the first in a two part series on value of infrastructure and future usage of ATMs. ATMs, for the most part, depend upon the networks that connect them to payments processing solutions. These networks ... read more


Tributary Systems Storage Director: “One Size Fits All”

Published by: Tributary Systems

“One Size Fits All” is an advertising slogan that’s been used (and many times abused) as long as I can remember, and I’ve been around a while! Many products touted as one size fits all would be better described as “one size fits some”. So are there any products that actually fit this advertising cliché? Well, we here at Tributary Systems ... read more


The Hybrid Workforce: 6 fundamentals for managing your team(s)

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

With only days to go before HPE Discover 2020 it was announced that HPE CEO Antonio Neri had tested positive for COVID-19. This annual big-tent event, the highlight of the year for HPE, had already seen its format dramatically changed. It was going to be a virtual event and was to be renamed HPE Discover Virtual Experience. CEO Neri took ... read more


NonStop users rely on Striim to pipe fresh data to where enterprises can best generate critical business insights!

Published by: Striim

Hot on the heels of the recent HPE Discover Virtual Experience has come the renewed attention to data. “We are awash in data; we are entering the age of insight,” HPE CEO Antonio Neri told those participating in his keynote address. “Even in this time of a global pandemic, opportunities continue to grow to where we need to move from just ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [June 2020]

Published by: NonStop Insider

Keith Townsend develops podcasts and posts and is a member of the HPE Influencer and Blogger groups. Keith is also a frequent contributor to LinkedIn and his articles are widely read (and commented on) by his CTO following. His insights can also be found on twitter. Keith and I often chat about technology even though our backgrounds are ... read more