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September, 2020 Edition
19 Articles

HPE announces Q3 2020 results; Neri named #1 Influential Exec of 2020

Published by: HPE - NonStop Insider

For anyone who spends time looking through HPE press releases and reading analysis from industry and financial folks, it’s always a good month when you see nothing but positive news about HPE coming from almost all involved. HPE’s stock price took a tumble this year along with many tech stocks; COVID-19 impacted everything from supply ... read more


Striim: Placing NonStop front and center of data; actionable insights derived from fresh data as only NonStop can provide!

Published by: Striim

What do we mean by actionable insight? Why is the prospect of driving business forward based on what is taking place right now becoming so important for today’s enterprise? Simply stated, actionable insights allow these enterprises to become more responsive to change and to benefit from derived knowledge that tracks the emergence of ... read more


A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

Published by: NonStop Insider

As HPE Enterprise Account Executive Steve Kubick provides us yet another video courtesy of YouTube, it’s a reminder that individuals do make a difference. Steve’s storylines are always opinionated and for a good reason. You cannot be passionate about NonStop without having a strong opinion. Furthermore, it’s encouraging to see that the ... read more


Tributary Systems and the 2020 Bootcamp

Published by: Tributary Systems

Well I guess by now we’re all aware that the 2020 NonStop Bootcamp will be an online affair. Given the current worldwide health concerns, this does seem like the only viable alternative. Virtual or in-person, Tributary Systems will be participating in the Bootcamp, as we do every year. NonStop is an important market segment for us, we’ve ... read more


ETI-NET – Your HPE Partner in times where Partnerships are part of the new normal!

Published by: ETI-NET

News headlines persist in reminding us that the past is firmly in the past and that in these times normalcy is just an extension of what we are doing today. This new normal may not be to everyone’s taste but its inescapable the way we work, shop and socialize has changed fundamentally and that for the foreseeable future, it is what it ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

As I sit writing this update on Pyalla Technologies, LLC it hasn’t escaped the attention of Margo and me that this is the last issue of year four for the digital publication, NonStop Insider. That’s right, this is the 48th issue of NonStop Insider and with an average number of monthly submissions topping seventeen, NonStop Insider has ... read more


Virtu-NUG has its challenges: But what to present? Next Generation Reflex proves to be good choice

Published by: Insider Technologies

With the announcement that the planned NonStop Technical Boot Camp has gone virtual means many of us will be fine-tuning our presentation skills. In front of a camera, no less! And while this may be natural for some, there are few vendors with Hollywood credentials. Fortunately, with the Virtu-NUG events of late, we have at least been ... read more


Banks versus Banking as a Service (BaaS); why is there a difference and is any difference important?

Published by: Craig Lawrance

There is a lot of encouraging news surfacing about what a banks’ modern branch office should look like? How does one bank differentiate itself from another? Does is go down the path of Capital One, for instance, that combines the local coffee shop with a branch office. On a corner in Boulder’s famous Pearl Street Mall, the Capital One ... read more


Top 3 Reasons why more and more companies have turned to Lusis to replace their legacy payment systems.

Published by: Lusis Payments

Over the past several years, Lusis and our TANGO platform have become the industry leader in replacing legacy applications like Base24, Postilion, and in-house developed solutions that are quickly becoming obsolete. Companies continuously choose Lusis Payments Tango for three simple reasons. Technology – Organizations have demanded a ... read more


HPE NonStop Community – adapting to change; embracing the virtual world!

Published by: NonStop Insider

To say that the NonStop community is going through a period untested in living memory has to be an understatement. The NonStop community has been an association, a society, yes, a community (but you can call it what you like) that thrived on networking to better understand NonStop product roadmaps as well as the plans of many members of ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [Aug 2020]

Published by: NonStop Insider

Rise in LinkedIn group membership, continued – In the last issue I opened with observations about LinkedIn groups that had amassed more than 3,000 members. For members of the NonStop community this represents a sizable accomplishment even as it is also a reinforcement of the level of interest the NonStop community maintains when it ... read more