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April, 2020 Edition
20 Articles

Striim’s Whiteboard Wednesdays’ videos continue to provide insights into best practices for real time data streaming

Published by: Striim

The Striim team continues with its outreach via its Whiteboard Wednesday video series. In another 8-minute video, Advancement of Data Movement Technologies, our Head of Product Marketing, Irem Radzik, covers the journey data integration technologies moved through since 90s. She starts from early extract, transform, load (ETL) utilities ... read more


We’re here, we’re ready.

Published by: TCM

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to dominate the international social and business landscape, TCM wishes to communicate a message to our Customers and NonStop colleagues around the world: We are here, and we are ready. For almost a decade, TCM has promoted the value of high-quality remote NonStop support solutions through our ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Let’s get right too it – there really isn’t any point dancing around perhaps the biggest global issue of the day, the pandemic. COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds as we look to figure out how best to pursue routines echoing real life of only a short time ago. As for Margo and me (and if you missed reading our business and social blogs where ... read more


The Drive to Agile and DevOps: Why Continuous Testing is a Must (Part Three)

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

 [First posted on February 27, 2020 by Paragon Application Systems and is the final post in a three part series] The move to Agile and DevOps continues to be an imperative for organizations that develop and deploy software and want shorter release cycles with reduced risk. There is no longer any doubt that DevOps will help your business ... read more


NTI together with TANDsoft brings to market a better way to ensure your replicated data is in sync!

Published by: NTI

Across the globe, data is taking center stage. With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, relegating many of us to working remotely, there is scarcely a television broadcast that doesn’t reference data. Without exception, populations are looking at the data for reassurance that situations will brighten and that expectations of a return ... read more


Can the Tandem culture be replicated?

Published by: Ron LaPedis

I’ve been asked if any of the current crop of high-flying firms like Google or Facebook share anything with the original Tandem culture, and my answer is that they don’t. Tandem was born in a different era, when people were champions and not victims, when companies and employees worked for the good of each other and when the summer of ... read more


Monitor IBM MQ8 Events With MQ Gate

Published by: Insider Technologies

Imagine all of these IBM MQ 8 EMS events occurring on your NonStop systems. Which one is alerting dead-letter queue full. Which one is alerting queue depth limit reached. How can you identify the issue that is putting your mission critical processes at risk? They all look the same, right? Within Reflex Console (below), the structure of ... read more


A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

Published by: NonStop Insider

Right now, you will find Steve Kubick sheltering in place. Fortunately, it just happens to be in San Diego, California. Of course, this all due to the community’s need to “flatten the curve,” which becomes a necessity as the virus begins spreading exponentially. According to Steve, recent experiences have highlighted how NonStop is ... read more


For ETI-NET Business Continuity Plans (BCP) have moved from being a test to being activated for real!

Published by: ETI-NET

First of all, we wish that all of our customers, employees and their families are safe and continue to be healthy. ETI-NET is taking every precaution to keep all of our employees safe and will continue to support our customers as usual. These are challenging times for all of us and ETI-NET is cognizant of the role the company plays in ... read more


These are challenging times – comforte on COVID-19, NonStop events, and Cybersecurity

Published by: comforte

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has put us all in a very challenging situation, both in business and personally. Like every organization around the world, comforte is continuously monitoring the news and government advice on COVID-19 to ensure that we comply with the latest guidelines. As a business, we are committed to the health ... read more


DataExpress – moving data around the globe remains of paramount importance for business today!

Published by: DataExpress

It was only a month ago that we wrote of how well our equipment move to the centralized Data443 North Carolina location had gone and how much we appreciated our new IT environment. We have a managed environment for which we are most appreciative. When the decision was taken to make DataExpress an integral part of Data443 it was also a ... read more


Prognosis: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic IR balances needs of remote workers with that of its customers!

Published by: IR

If you aren’t spending a little of your stay-at-home time checking social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter then you may miss articles of interest. This is especially the case given the current situation as the COVID-19 pandemic has most of us self-isolating, left to pursue our profession behind a terminal and increasingly, our web ... read more


HPE RUGs – 2020 “season” is changing even as we respond to “stay-at-home” directives!

Published by: NonStop Insider

It is hard to ignore the headlines. Events are being cancelled all around the world. The Olympics have been moved to 2021 and even the Indy 500 has been moved out to Sunday, August 23. Sporting events worldwide that began playing to empty stadiums are simply not happening at all now and when it came time for March Madness and The Big ... read more