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June, 2020 Edition
19 Articles

Gravic Publishes New Article on Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services

Published by: Gravic

Gravic published the article, Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services in the May/June edition of The Connection. This article/case study explains how a merchant provider gradually expanded its data replication and integration software to add new capabilities and features to its financial switch. The company ... read more


DataExpress – 2020 will be the year for core to edge file distribution!

Published by: DataExpress

Let’s stop and take a look at what DataExpress has been doing for the past six months. Now that the acquisition by DATA443 is in the books and everyone is happily working from home – yes, we had welcomed the opportunity to work remotely long before this global pandemic took hold – it’s a good time to talk secure managed file transfer ... read more


NonStop users rely on Striim to connect to the outside world. Azure cloud services? Yes! Kafka messaging? Yes!

Published by: Striim

In today’s world where uncertainty is common place and predictability no longer being assumed, it’s even more important to be able to integrate data no matter where from it comes. For the NonStop community, NonStop systems are renowned for being right there where data is created. Today’s mission critical systems are nearly always ... read more


Will our move to touchless interactions via contactless payments lead to touchless modes of testing, with automation becoming the only option?

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

It’s hard to miss the primary messages being conveyed to society as a whole as the global pandemic continues to influence much of what we do. One catchy phrase that came up recently simply said, don’t touch MEN – Mouth, Eyes and Nose. And for good reason, naturally but the issue of touching has been expanded to include almost everything ... read more


NTI addressing the needs to deploy a “spread offense” to better cover new business opportunities.

Published by: NTI

This past month it seems as if IT has come under considerable pressure as many installations have been subject to unexpectedly high transaction volumes. References to IT “brownouts” as distinct from outages have begun to appear in numerous publications. This is a kind way of saying that the systems deployed couldn’t handle dynamic ... read more


A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

Published by: NonStop Insider

While it is very much the case that conversations continue around the topic of availability, more recently scalability has taken center stage. Actually, the ability to scale-out without the end user being aware that anything has changed! During this global pandemic there are numerous instances where applications are called upon to handle ... read more


More than cash; food for thought?

Published by: Richard Buckle

For as long as I have been following financial institutions, payments processors and those deploying ATMs I have considered myself someone who leaves the comfort of the box to explore what lies outside.  Free-thinkers begin exploring opportunities not previously considered. New ideas are floated and products begin appearing simply ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC … Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Necessity has always proved to be the mother of invention and nowhere is this in more evidence than when it comes to addressing meetings, events and conferences. Have you been watching your favorite social media channel to find out what’s happening out there? For Margo and me it’s been a constant challenge sorting out what news is real ... read more


Happy Anniversary GDPR – 2 Years On!

Published by: comforte

As more and more data breaches are occurring around the world, the pressure on organizations to comply with general data privacy rules and regulations or specific security standards like PCI-DSS increases. Irrespective of the platform (HPE NonStop or otherwise) on which the data is collected or processed, it is vital that organizations ... read more


Preventing Fraud: Updates due to Covid-19

Published by: CSP

We have all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in some way. Whether it’s unexpectedly switching to a work-from-home environment, canceling vacation plans or business trips, or having to relearn algebra, we’ve all experienced extraordinary changes in our daily lives. However, our collective determination to endure circumstances such ... read more


HPE RUGs 2020 “season” is on track to provide new experiences – welcome to virtual events!

Published by: NonStop Insider

Have we scaled the mountains? Can we see the far horizon? What’s actually happening out there and yes, are we there yet? So many questions that, as a community, it’s not unreasonable to expect that our journey has still ways to go! Even as many of us were thinking that the end to the global pandemic was coming into view more chaos ... read more


Social Media Round-Up [May 2020]

Published by: NonStop Insider

HPE Newsroom – It is in these times that we look to our leaders to step forward and set an example to us all. In case you missed the posts on Twitter and on LinkedIn (or came across the press release in the HPE newsroom), this is exactly what HPE CEO Antonio Neri did only a few days ago. Under the heading of Building a more equitable, ... read more