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January, 2021 Edition
17 Articles

2021: A Renewed Focus on Security

Published by: CSP

Two weeks before the end of what I can only describe as a year for the history books, U.S. government agencies and private companies rushed to secure their computer networks from a suspected cyber-attack. Following the disclosure of a sophisticated and long-running cyber-espionage attack perpetuated via a widely used network management ... read more


ETI-NET – Making all the right moves to ensure security is a priority for all customer interactions.

Published by: ETI-NET

Headlines keep appearing about one incursion or another. Parties intent on causing disruption, not to mention outright theft, seem to be moving around within our infrastructure almost at will. At ETI-NET we are as sensitive to this issue as we are to the need to provide our customers with the support that they need in a manner that ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

As a partnership, Margo and I felt compelled to kick off this first article of 2021 with the above card. If you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that we boldly promoted our Christmas greetings to all but unfortunately, labelled the holiday season as one being held in 2021. But then again, many of you ... read more


NonStop as a Service

Published by: HPE

If you have attended the NonStop Bootcamp in the past few years you have likely heard the term NonStop as a Service (NSaaS).  This can mean many things to the person hearing the term.  Will this be NonStop in a public cloud?  Will this be a NonStop portal that can be accessed from a browser?  Is this a desktop NonStop? The imagination ... read more


In Defense of Clichés

Published by: Kim J. Brebach

I’m amazed that everyone is so down on clichés. Let me put it this way: when push comes to shove, clichés are a great way to make sure we’re all on the same page. People get clichés, so there are no ifs or buts. Clichés are tried and true, they work like a charm – it’s not rocket science. Look, I’m sick and tired of people telling me to ... read more


You think you had a difficult Christmas?

Published by: Craig Lawrence

The central banks of the world must be having kittens right now.  They’ve been careful crafting their plans to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and the markets have had other ideas.  You may have noticed the value of Bitcoin climb from around $20,000 to just under $40,000 as I write.  It’s hard to be exactly precise about ... read more


HPE NonStop RUGs

Published by: NonStop Insider

The numbers are beginning to tell the story. It’s hard to replicate in the real world what’s taking place in the virtual world of events. The numbers from some of 2020’s biggest events are so large that they are somewhat intoxicating; dizzying for many to the point where it will be hard to justify the expense associated with returning to ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

There has been so much chatter on social media channels of late about what work will look like in 2021 that it’s hard to think of where to start. To begin with, very few commentators believe we will see a return to work practices of the past. Forget about it! Initially, it was thought that our infrastructure wouldn’t cope and that the ... read more