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February, 2021 Edition
17 Articles

Is there a stone in your shoe?

Published by: TCM

Heterogeneous systems have been with us for a very long time. Ever since third parties began introducing their own lines of storage products or even plug compatible processors, the image of just a single uniform deployment of technology has proved to be a rarity. Adding to this spread of heterogeneity has been the evolution of IT itself, ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Welcome to the new look for the Pyalla Technologies, LLC update. As a one-time competitive sailor I am well aware of the constant technology adjustments that occur as nations compete for that auld mug – the Americas Cup. My daughter, Lisa, was born very soon after the technologically advanced Australian cup challenger, Australia II, back ... read more


ETI-NET – Bringing access to cloud resources a reality for the NonStop community.

Published by: ETI-NET

HPE continues to pursue its vision of becoming the world’s leading edge to cloud platform as a service company. Having identified this as its preeminent goal it’s become increasingly clear that the cloud, indeed what industry also references as the core, implies that enterprise IT will turn more frequently to the cloud as a resource. For ... read more


Database Refactoring with Liquibase

Published by: HPE

In past years, prior to deploying an application, significant time and effort was expended in gathering requirements to produce a design. The design was completed up front, before any code was written or database schema created. Furthermore, the design was comprehensive and static – it was expected to be viable for years without ... read more


IR is providing purpose-built solutions for Payments industry; IR Transact simplifies complexity of managing your Payments

Published by: IR

  Last month we referenced IR’s branding of its major product groups, a rebranding of its solution suites with names that reflect company’s primary focus areas; IR Collaborate, IR Transact and IR Infrastructure. We also noted that while the labels may have changed, the core objective remains the same – to simplify the complexity of these ... read more


Striim: In a connected world, NonStop systems provide the freshest data!

Published by: Striim

“Don’t go outside; it’s raining!” And so began a conversation with a NonStop analyst and commentator. The inference being that yes, you could get wet or worse, be struck by lightning. Perhaps it might also be a case of watching for mudslides and washouts. When assessing risks, perhaps it simply isn’t worth venturing beyond the front ... read more


Your IT Transformation needs NonStop!

Published by: By Richard Buckle, Cofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC.

When the topic of IT Transformation was first raised by the editors of The Connection it made some of us think about Digital Transformation and whether the two were just different takes on the same topic. However, the more we looked at IT Transformation the more it became clear that the differences centered on technology versus business. ... read more


February 24, 2021: Join us for TIC Software’s User Group webinar “Think Outside the Box”

Published by: TICSoftware

Welcome to our first User’s Group Zoom Meeting in 2021! In this meeting, we will hear from NonStop Users who have taken different steps in modernizing their applications. In particular, their modernization initiatives involve interfacing with computing elements outside the NonStop. Integrating NonStop with other business applications in ... read more


2021: A time to stay focused on people!

Published by: DATA443

It was back in early 2020 that our CEO Jason Remillard said, “Help, just help our customers, we will figure it out.” So, we placed all our focus on our customers but not in the cliché way, instead on the “help each person” way. There is no possible way that we could ignore what was then just starting but as the year progressed we stuck ... read more


NonStop community excited by prospect of new partner being focused on the platform – introducing MVI Technologies

Published by: MVI Technologies

At MVI Technologies we know that one of the biggest interests across the NonStop community has to do with hearing of new vendors and new products coming to NonStop. We understand too that from the time of the first shipments of Tandem Computers it has always been about the solutions. Please welcome the news of yet another solution coming ... read more


NonStop SQL as a Service

Published by: HPE

In the January edition of NonStop Insider, Justin Simmonds explored the idea of “NonStop as a Service”, asking himself “what if a NonStop system could be made available with ‘some’ management?” It made me think of the option that goes one step further: “What if NonStop SQL/MX could be made available as a service?” ... read more


It’s Time to Upgrade Your Payment Testing Capabilities

Published by: Paragon Application Systems

With the Global Pandemic showing no real signs of letting go any time soon, are we at a point where we need to come up with a new definition of “disaster”? As we listen to the daily news, it seems as if every second word is about yet another disaster. Whether it is the winter storms blasting America or the resurgence of fierce forest ... read more


Welcome 2021! Lusis TANGO on HPE NonStop

Published by: Lusis Payments

While payment processing is constantly evolving, the fundamentals have not changed—perform transactions at high speed with round-the-clock availability and absolute security. Changes come in the form of new financial services—how they are delivered and managed with increasing frequency. To keep pace in a dynamic industry and outperform ... read more


Gravic Publishes New Article – Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths

Published by: Gravic

In our latest article, Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths, recently published in The Connection January/February issue, we address considerable misinformation regarding the use of TMF and data auditing in general on HPE NonStop systems. Perceptions remain that the use of TMF is superfluous, costly, or has bad ... read more