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April, 2021 Edition
17 Articles

Idiot Lights and Gauges

Published by: Steve Kubick, HPE

In his latest video, Steve Kubick first takes us back to the days he was a passenger in his father’s car. Perhaps it was due to Steve enjoying a sunny day in Colorado, but memories about those trips set the stage for an interesting perspective on problem resolutions. “I remember growing up as a kid and my father’s automobile dashboard ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

To be very candid, it looks like there is a sense of normality returning to our industry. That is, if you think the way we will work will increasing mirror our technology, that is. Talk about Hybrid IT, how about Hybrid Workforce? While some tech vendors are embracing a work from home model, other vendors, including Google, really do ... read more


Command line? Why? Transform with TOP

Published by: comforte

It’s hardly breaking news: Graphical interfaces have been utilized for many years to improve end-user interaction. Yet walk around some HPE NonStop operations or development areas, and you will find those green screen terminal sessions still abound. Command line interfaces are appropriate tools in some circumstances. It makes sense to ... read more


Sporting contests provide opportunities; but there is no gain if you drop the ball!

Published by: TCM

When it comes to the game of rugby each team goes into a game with a plan, but after the game has commenced, it’s all about improvisation. How best to react to the unexpected. The opposing side most likely changed up their game plan once they have come to terms with what you are intent on pursuing so for teams to win in rugby it’s all ... read more


Systems and Platforms: the lines in the sand

Published by: Richard Buckle, Cofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC.

The editors of The Connection magazine called for articles for inclusion in the March – April 2021 issue on the topic of New HPE NonStop Platform Updates for 2021 and struck me that the reference to platforms might be worth investigating. In conversations with members of the NonStop vendor community there were some difference of opinion ... read more


With TANGO You Can Reduce Time-to-Market

Published by: Lusis

TANGO provides a modern, open SOA for acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating and authorizing transactions across multiple channels — including ATM, point of sale, Internet and mobile banking — in a multi-institution environment across different geographies. Based around a central data bus containing all transaction and ... read more


TANDsoft’s FS Compare and Repair Adds Apples-to-Bananas File Comparison to Version 3

Published by: TANDSoft

You asked for it. Version 3 of TANDsoft’s FS Compare and Repair addresses data discrepancies not only between “apples-to-apples” source and target databases but also between “apples-to-bananas” source and target databases. It allows HPE NonStop customers to compare any of their database files regardless of physical file structure. Data ... read more


Gravic Announces New Video on HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair Software for Data Validation

Published by: Gravic

HPE Shadowbase Compare software validates and verifies that the source and target databases match. The comparison can be accomplished while the application is actively running, and in an online business continuity replication configuration. It can prove data consistency to key stakeholders and to help satisfy regulatory and audit ... read more


HPE NonStop RUGs

Published by: NonStop Insider

Ever so gradually we are hearing news from the regions where traditionally there has been very active participation in Regional User Group (RUG) meetings. While the format continues to be focused on virtual events, with the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere, as they say, could we see hope springs eternal once again? To gauge ... read more