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June, 2021 Edition
17 Articles

Why More Companies are Choosing TANGO

Published by: Lusis Payments

The consumer demand for faster, more secure 24/7 payments continues to challenge payments organizations across the globe. For many organizations, the costs and difficulties of nursing an aging payments platform are now unsustainable. As a result, these organizations are now planning to replace their legacy applications with a faster, ... read more


For NonStop community, attending HPE Discover 2021 provides much needed directional guidance!

Published by: HPE

Discover is the big HPE event where company strategy is disclosed, new products are announced and customer testimonials are given.  This Discover should provide direction on Infrastructure capabilities, Cloud and HPE’s go-to-market strategy, Artificial Intelligence and where HPE is making large bets and finally digital transformation and ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC … Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

In case you missed the news, Margo and I spent the past two weeks on the road. The intent was to catch up with clients and some NonStop users but as with our travels late last year, our timing was a little off and we missed catching up with some of our colleagues. Then again, there is only so much time spent working out of a home office ... read more


Migration to new NonStop systems is now under way; good news for ETI-NET customers as this migration proves to be totally transparent.

Published by: ETI-NET

Migrations are never far from our minds. With the global pandemic now beginning to show signs of tapering off, migrations are beginning to commence as many of us head for cooler climates. and when it comes to IT migrating systems and applications remains constant. It may be true that rust never sleeps but then too much the same can be ... read more


DRNet®/Unified – with unity comes clarity. For NonStop users this creates value.

Published by: NTI

This past month NTI announced via multiple social media channels an extension of its partnership with TANDsoft.  In so doing it unveiled a key message for the NonStop community; unity. The introduction of DRNet®/Unified reflects our intent to be the “one source from which to acquire proven data replication and integration technology.” ... read more


Virtualization; a world without limits now embraced by NonStop!

Published by: By Richard Buckle, Cofounder and CEO, Pyalla Technologies, LLC.

There has been so much coverage of late about what is real and what may be a bit of a stretch. When it comes to the NonStop community the one sure thing we can all agree on is that NonStop is real. Likewise, the focus of NonStop on mission critical applications is a constant reminded that technology serves communities best when it ... read more


TANDsoft Says, “Whether Food Nutrition or Software Ingredients, Before You Buy, Read the Label”

Published by: TANDsoft

Phillip Di Giacomo is a loyal follower of the Paleo diet. He is committed. Meal planning for Phillip means a careful examination of every ingredient he puts into his mouth. The basic concept is to eat only whole foods and to avoid processed foods.  One simple guideline to follow – if it looks as if it were made in a factory, don’t eat ... read more


When ATMs come under attack

Published by: OmniPayments

Like me you probably haven’t seen many newspaper reports about ATM Cash-outs.  The one where a group of Human mules withdraw large amounts of money from a group of ATMs in a short period of time, using compromised card records to allow repeated and high withdrawal amounts. It happened most notably in the middle east when a unknown ... read more


Social Media Round-Up

Published by: NonStop Insider

If you haven’t been searching for communities associated with NonStop recently then you might be surprised to find as many as do exist today. Whatever your social media preferences happen to be you will likely find a group that is focused solely on NonStop – and these groups oftentimes have large followings. While there may be those ... read more