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July, 2021 Edition
14 Articles

HPE Discover 2021 – Age of Insight

Published by: HPE

Many thanks to Ian Liston-Brown who promoted on LinkedIn  this transcript of HPE CEO Antonio Neri’s keynote address at HPE Discover 2021. I was a virtual participant and was impressed to see references to NonStop and to a key NonStop partner, Lusis Payments. However, rather than simply adding my own comments I am including the ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla

Let’s begin with a brief update on the travels of late that took us to both the east and west coasts. From Ft Lauderdale and Tampa to superhot Las Vegas. Totalling the mileage we came up with 7,100 miles over this five week period. And, what did it all mean? What was the value gained from such a pursuit? In short, it let us see the ... read more


ETI-Net benefits from early customer dialogues; support for QoreStor headed for production

Published by: ETI-NET

Reaching for the sky! As an expression it is probably one that we have all used in our professional lives. But seriously, setting our goals as high as we can even as we try to achieve something really difficult has all the hallmarks of thinking there are no limits to what we can do. And yet, today, it’s not so much a case of reaching for ... read more


DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers – It’s all about data and your data will need real time processing

Published by: NTI

Kirk Bresniker, HPE Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow / VP at HPE during HPE Discover 2021 Did you have an opportunity to tune in and watch HPE Discover 2021? Did the keynote sessions give you a better perspective on HPE? NTI had the opportunity to listen to all that was covered and it was hard to miss the focus given to data. HPE ... read more


Striim: When it’s time to move data in real time, you need a robust and resilient data pipeline

Published by: Striim

We all know about pipelines, right? There are oil and gas pipelines just as there are sales pipelines. Whenever we think of pipelines we think of movement. The very goal of any pipeline is to support continuous movement. What then do we think of data pipelines? This is the question that Mariana Park, Striim’s Growth Marketer, addresses ... read more


IR: Supporting NonStop community with a cloud experience providing critical business insights

Published by: IR

From the outset, IR was all about meeting the operational management and application monitoring needs of NonStop customer. Through the years, IR has produced a number of industry firsts – who can forget seeing Prognosis on color terminals in Nice, France, when IR took off the wraps of it for the first time. It was during the 1992 ITUG ... read more