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December, 2023 Edition
13 Articles


Published by: NonStop Insider

We were trying a new location in London for the Little SIG this year. It was called OSIT (Office space in Town). Think it worked quite well – coffees/teas /lunch was all very pleasant. We had some issues with latency of some of the speakers installed so at back of room was an echo but on whole worked quite well. Not a Trinity House ... read more


TCM – The event season for 2023 draws to an end, but for the NonStop Community 2024 is shaping up to be even more eventful

Published by: TCM

If we can say one thing about all that transpired in 2023, when it came to conferences and events held worldwide it marked a time when confidence in all things HPE NonStop related truly peaked. Whether you gathered in North America, Europe, Asia and as far away as Australia, you would have been given an opportunity to see and hear about ... read more


Pirates of the 21st Century

Published by: HPE

Since the days of yore, pirates have captured, ransacked, and held people and goods as hostage. It was not that many years ago when most of the world was a bit taken back with a bunch of modern-day ship pirates who successfully hijacked modern vessels, killed or held crew hostage, and stole items of value. It was a common ploy to board a ... read more


NTI extolls virtue of turning to modern DRNet®/Unified as replacement of legacy GoldenGate

Published by: NTI

NTI has spent a considerable amount of time travelling to the four corners of the earth. NTI has committed to making such an investment for a very good reason; the NonStop vendor community has become even more competitive of late. With the NonStop team adding yet another layer of competitive complexity, it behooves the major independent ... read more


ETI-NET: Bringing product updates and the promotion of best practices to cyber resilience

Published by: ETI-NET

Unless you have of late taken a break from reading the news, you will have noticed how just a finite number of topics are making headlines today; no escaping cyber security and even AI, perhaps Quantum as well, as it applies to compromising security even as it might fuel an even more aggressive timeline for AI. Nothing quite excites the ... read more


Major UK Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability

Published by: Gravic

Gravic recently published the use case article, Major UK Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability in the November/December issue of The Connection. A large bank in the U.K. provides lending, wealth management, card processing, and many other services for over 48 million customers worldwide. The ... read more


Tech Wizards Unite! NuWave’s LightWaveTM and S3UtilsTM Casting Spells on the Industry

Published by: NuWave

NuWave Technologies celebrates yet another glorious year at the forefront of NonStop technological innovation. We have introduced significant updates to the LightWave ecosystem and launched a new product, S3UtilsTM, showcasing our commitment to staying ahead in technological evolution. Part I: LightWave’s Leap Forward SOAPamⓇ ... read more


Celebrating Success and Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Published by: Lusis Payments

Dear Cherished Clients and Esteemed Partners, As we approach the close of an extraordinary year, we are thrilled to reflect on the remarkable achievements that have defined Lusis Payments in 2023 and set the stage for an even more dynamic journey in the next 12 months. Global TANGO Expansion: Our TANGO expansion around the world has been ... read more


Let’s get social – NonStop turns to social media to stay abreast of the news!

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

Forgive me if I take liberty with the heading. I am sure not everyone in the NonStop community turns to social media to read about everything that is happening with NonStop. But then again, I am not going to rule it out, either. Of late the views of my posts to LinkedIn, for instance, have passed 2,000 impressions (an impression is a ... read more