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TANDsoft Unveils Compare and Repair Capabilities for Active/Active Environments

Published by: TANDSoft

TANDsoft continues to innovate its offerings and to see traction in solution adoption, with several recent new customer acquisitions. One of the key new product capabilities is the added support for comparison and repair in active/active environments. In this article, we’ll highlight this new feature, and we’ll provide a current look at ... read more


Hewlett Packard Enterprise and 4tech Software sign global sales, distribution and support partnership agreement

Published by: 4tech Software

London, 27th October 2021. For over a decade 4tech Software Limited (4tech) has been a Business, Alliance and Technology partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Today we’re pleased to share news of a strengthening of that partnership by announcing HPE as our primary global sales, distribution and support partner. 4tech’s existing ... read more


The Value of Annual Industry Predictions

Published by: comforte

The other day, my colleague Brett Bicker, who heads up comforte’s enterprise market development team, and I were on a Zoom call ready to record our annual industry predictions. It’s a tradition of sorts I guess, not only for comforte but for most companies in tech. Make some predictions about what will be important in the coming year, ... read more


When the box doesn’t fit

Published by: TCM

  2021. What an interesting year. With the world turned upside down by a pandemic that seemingly had its sights set on causing as much disruption and confusion as possible, TCM began the year with a focus on steadying ships, reaching out to Customers with a simple message: How can we help? With many NonStop users relying heavily on ... read more


TANGO: Fast-Track to Cloud Payments

Published by: Lusis

In today’s Retail Payments market there are two critical success factors; scale your business for revenue growth and optimize your operations for cost savings. This is a simple and well-known adage, but it masks a myriad of complexities. The inherent difficulties in meeting stringent regulations, reducing costs, and responding to rapidly ... read more


Data; it lives and it grows – with NonStop SQL, data truly has found a home.

Published by: Richard Buckle

Did we all catch the news? Is life truly imitating art? William Shatner hitched a ride inside Jeff Bezos’ spaceship for a short trip into outer space! Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk of the fictional USS Enterprise (NCC-1701 ) aboard the real New Shephard rocket for a voyage that lasted just ten minutes or so, but reaching a speed of ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC … Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

In this issue of NonStop Insider you will find numerous references made to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStopTBC21) that took place only a few weeks ago. With a last minute change in format from one that had been planned to be in-person to a virtual event, the NonStop team together with Connect pulled off a minor miracle to ensure ... read more