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February Editorial


It is February and as in past years this is the time everyone is making plans for the rest of the year – the events calendar is nearly all done-done and you will see that most vendors are making commitments to attend the conferences and meetings.

The 2017 NonStop Partner Symposium will be well attended, for sure. Everyone wants to find out how the rollout of NonStop X is going and, of course, where is HPE with its plans for vNonStop. Will we find out how to order, configure and how much vNonStop will cost? Good questions and we all hope to find out the answers!

For me, even though I really liked last year’s Partner Symposium, there is a piece missing: the partner-to-partner exchange. Please read the second part on the topic of ITUGLIB, the volunteer run program. It is fantastic and helps us all, yet I feel that since it is so much in HPE’s best interest that the vendor community collaborates and strengthens product offerings it would make a lot of sense for HPE to sponsor a half day or so of partner exchanges. Particularly where a technology of one partner may enhance the offerings of others, not unlike HPE enriching NonStop software by adding chunks and pieces developed by partners. Monitoring, security, analytics, support of open source software stacks and yes, much more … exchange of ideas about partners sharing/licensing/using each other software is not on the 2017 agenda, but we could prep for 2018 by posting our thoughts and ideas here, in NonStop Insider? What do you think?

Many of the vendors plan on attending the RUG meetings, and some also will be attending industry conferences where they will carry the NonStop flag. Sometimes it is not without a strong insistence (on the part of the NonStop vendor), but as long as the message gets through… so yes, we would love to hear about your experiences attending security, data base, payments or any other non NonStop specific events and particularly if you were able to “sneak in” a NonStop message.

I hope you will enjoy the February issue of the NonStop Insider and will consider making a submission to the March issue!