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Issue 3.9 Editorial (June ’19)


I want to extend sincere thanks to all who contributed to this June 2019 edition of the NonStop Insider.

Considering that it is a cucumber time (, with everyone either on vacation, celebrating kids’ graduations or attending user group events all around the globe we were a tad concerned with how will this issue end up. I think it ended up great and it is much appreciated!

You will see many comments on the recently held ETBC, in Edinburgh, hosted by BITUG – overall kudos to the BITUG committee for a superb organization of the event and choice of entertainment as well as the choice of the plenary motivational presenter. Altogether, a great combination of information sharing together with lively entertainment!

In this issue of the NonStop Insider you will get a greater sense of anticipation following Antonio Neri’s talk about HPE being prepared to rely on partners even more than we all thought just a year or so ago – what exactly will it mean to NonStop vendors and to what degree will they engage with HPE? AT upcoming HPE events like HPE Discover 2019 we will likely hear a lot more about partners and channels so seeing as many references to partners in this issue shouldn’t come as a surprise to any member of the NonStop community.

In comforte’s article you will read about one example of partnering, this one I am very excited about! Referencing a presentation at ETBC by Teresa Sorg, Director of NonStop Engineering, comforte says that Teresa “offered some insight into what’s happening on the engineering side from an HPE corporate standpoint.” According to comforte, “One of her key messages was that HPE itself runs on NonStop X and that key HPE production systems run on vNS with SQL MX.”

She encouraged the audience to collaborate with their partners, as they always have, to ease their migration to NonStop X with uLinga, a SNAX and X.25 solution, which is now available through HPE.

Teresa then went on to announce that:

  • uLinga from comforte and its partner Infrasoft is now available for purchase through HPE NonStop sales teams
  • uLinga, for both SNAX and X.25, has HPE NonStop pricing and support
  • Quotes begin mid-May 2019; product starts shipping July 2019

In closing, Teresa emphasized HPE’s continued investment in products, partners and support of migration projects as well as NonStop events.”

Another example of partnering you will find in the OmniPayments’ article: “More recently, HPE NonStop announced the HPE Migration and Modernization Services where a select number of NonStop partners were chosen to meet customer needs in markets all over the world. One of the first partners chosen was OmniPayments and even as there have been a couple more partners added to the list of late, this initial inclusion speaks volumes about the confidence the HPE NonStop team has in the capabilities of OmniPayments to successfully deliver services whenever customers request them from HPE. Already a VAR of NonStop systems in select countries, OmniPayments anticipates seeing its business relationship with HPE only become stronger in time as OmniPayments continues to make a major contribution when it comes to adding ‘new logos’ to the NonStop community.”
I hope you will enjoy this June 2019 issue of the NonStop Insider and if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you; see you in Dallas for N2TUG!

Margo Holen
Managing Editor