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Issue 4.11 Editorial


In this August 2020 issue you will find many interesting articles – let me highlight a few things:

The ABCs of affordable NonStop stands out – you will see it here first, then it will be published in The Connection and presentation is planned for NonStop TBC – Richard Buckle will be submitting a proposal this week. Richard summarized it the article in Pyalla contribution to this issue of the NonStop Insider: “This new white paper, The ABC’s of an Affordable, Business Critical compute appears in full in this August issue of NonStop Insider. Look for it as it should prove to be an interesting read. It pulls content from the latest IDC update on the Worldwide AL4 Server Market Share, 2019: Fault Tolerant Systems Become Digital Transformation Platforms published just this year.”

It is important, as it is making sure that the HPE sales force as well as HPE’s NonStop partners have ammunition when it comes to presenting NonStop as not just the most reliable and scalable, but also most affordable system when you look at the Total Cost of Ownership!

You will find a few articles talking about AI and its growing role on multiple fronts. Craig Lawrence writes about growing involvement of HPE in AI: “TURN DATA INTO EFFICIENCY AND COMPETITIVE EDGE WITH AI just happens to be among the latest articles published by HPE. It is encouraging to read, as the real benefits of AI are already being enjoyed by many sectors including Logistics, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Transport and Language.”

On a similar theme, LUSIS talks about the use of its own AI: “By deploying Lusis AI Fraud powered by Tango (Tango AIF™) you will get the leading-edge solution for fraud monitoring, detection and action — technology that provides the latest methods for processing secure transactions, irrespective of source, nature or market segment.”

Use of modern tools and techniques by programmers is another interesting topic.

In the article, the second part of a two part series, “Our legacy is our integrity”, also from Richard, you will read: “Pursuing digital transformation may not come naturally for many IT professionals only too happy to continue development using tools with which they are familiar. A few days ago JPMorgan Chase announced a partnership with fintech startup Marqeta to launch ‘virtual’ credit cards. Justification for this partnership? According to Marqeta chief revenue officer, Omri Dahan, ‘it would have taken years for the Wall Street giant to build a similar product in-house.’

For the NonStop community concerned about this perhaps it’s worth checking out the post by Karen Copeland, Manager, Worldwide HPE NonStop Product Management – Modernizing the development world of NonStop applications.”

Integrated Research in the article “TAL – Travelling Through Time” writes: “Many of the younger developers in the company were using VS Code so I decided to start there.  This article is about where this led; my hope is that those of us of a certain age with many decades of NonStop experience will see value here and contribute their ideas and code.  Those who already understand GIT and VS Code extension development may want to stop reading now!”

Paragon addresses the ultimate goal of the efforts of modernization and points out that testing is critical when it comes to delivering reliable, fast created solutions to the market: “Whether you are caught up in discussions concerning Agile methodologies, DevOps processes or looking at Low Code / No Code, what remains paramount is your ability to fully automate testing of the applications, products, and services that these mechanisms produce. Each of the above may place an emphasis on reducing the coding skills required, but it is a requirement of all the disciplines to ensure that whatever is developed works correctly meets the needs of the organization and provides the best user experience for consumers.”

Well, dive in, there are many interesting articles in this August 2020 issue and I hope you will enjoy it. If you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor