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Issue 4.12 Editorial


It was a challenge pulling together this month’s issue of NonStop Insider. It is the twelfth issue of our fourth year of publication, a milestone that not only we are pleased to have reached but also one that sees us looking forward to more to come. The challenge this month was that we needed to work around the US Labor Day long weekend even as we continue to contend with COVID-19 and the many cancelled NonStop events as a result. But we got there and again, we have to thank our many vendors, consultants and thought leaders for the contributions that they provided.

In the OpEd; HPE Q3 results our NonStop community will be please to read: “Predictions are always subject to dissection with hindsight. However, what was not debated was the overall leadership of HPE as demonstrated by its CEO, Antonio Neri. Indeed, it was only July 27, 2020 when CRN came out with its list of 25 most influential executives of 2020 where Antonio Neri found himself in first place, and where CRN in awarding first place to Neri, said:

“… it was more than the financial commitment that set Neri apart: It was his personal commitment to partners, customers and employees.

“Just as importantly, Neri provided a compelling vison for the future for partners, doubling down on his big bold bet to deliver the full HPE portfolio in an as-a-service model by 2022.

“That new era, Neri said, will be defined by insight …”

It is encouraging to know HPE leadership is well recognized!

Well, TBC is around the corner!

Pyalla Technologies makes us aware that 50th issue of the NonStop Insider will be available in November!  “Looking forward to the 50th issue in November? Think of this upcoming 50th issue as a preview of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020 now being billed as The NonStop All Digital Experience. Even as the global pandemic continues to influence much of our actions, at the very least we can all pencil in the dates November 16-18, 2020. And remember, it’s free to one and all members of the NonStop community – current and prospective! If you want a hashtag to monitor then simply look out for all items posted and tweeted with #NonStopTBC. I know with a certainty that Margo and I will be participating and if all goes to plan, there may even be a presentation or two from myself.”

ETI wrote: “As for the upcoming TBC, we will be announcing our plans for participation next month. Look for details of the topics we will cover closer to the date of TBC.”

In the HPE NonStop Rugs you will read: “As for the TBC itself, now renamed The NonStop All Digital Experience, it seemed that going virtual was inevitable. Despite the best efforts of the Connect organization and the HPE NonStop team, ultimately few other options were available. This is the highlight of the year for the NonStop community, attracting a growing global participation from all four corners of the planet. But not to be this year! Then again, look for a lot of innovative options being offered.”

Insider Technologies also reflects on the new way our gatherings are now conducted:” With as much discussion as there is today about the new normal and what seminars, conferences and events will look like there is no escaping the reality that virtual is here to stay. Is it a step forward in user – vendor interaction that delivers the same social networking opportunities that we have been used to is still very much up in the air – or just temporary awkwardness?”

IR moved their own event virtual as well: “The introduction of this latest release of Prognosis will be the theme of numerous presentations delivered as part of the upcoming virtual Prognosis event, IR Connect. If you want to know more about IR’s strategic vision and about the products being launched and if you’d like to interact with IR experts, then this is the event for you. If you want more information about IR Connect then check out the IR web site by following this link –

There are many interesting articles in this September 2020 issue and I hope you will enjoy it. If you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor