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Issue 8.1 Editorial


Editorial October 2023

In this October 2023 issue of the NonStop Insider you will read about participants’ experiences at TBC2023.

ETI-NET said: “This year our presence at the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference gave us the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the HPE NonStop team. New faces, new priorities and new logos always represent opportunities to converse with the NonStop team and cover the latest data protection and enhanced management features from ETI-NET. Offering solutions to a NonStop customers’ data needs with value pricing always gets these NonStop team members attention.”

NTI writes about increased participation by the company in 2023: “These events may come and go, but there is no escaping the heightened presence of NTI this year. Whether it was the sponsorship of the Wreck ‘Em Rally on the last night of the conference or the visible stance of NTI as a Diamond Sponsor where a steady stream of NTI team members could be engaged at any time. However, maybe the biggest impression of all was the one created each night as fifty to sixty plus community members gathered each evening for informal conversations over adult beverages.”

Gravic’s article summarized the experience day-by day and you will read about key note speaker’s presentation: Ian Inglis (Manager of HPE NonStop Product Management) … “introduced Kirk Bresniker (HPE Labs Chief Architect), who discussed the rapidly expanding interest in quantum computing and the breathtaking advance of AI. Kirk explained qubits and the various mechanics behind how quantum computing works. Kirk also reviewed some of the developments within HPE towards creating guidelines for the ‘ethical use of AI.’ While these guidelines were condensed enough to fit on a single slide, Kirk mentioned that every single word was highly debated and scrutinized.”

In the IR article you will as well read about the key note presentation: “One of the highlights was the keynote address by HPE Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker, who shared insights on ‘Future Proofing the Enterprise: Mission Critical, Quantum-Safe, and AI Augmented.’ Bresniker’s keynote addressed the pressing need for enterprises to future-proof their systems. As technology advances, so do the challenges and opportunities. He emphasized the importance of embracing quantum-safe practices, ensuring the resilience of mission-critical systems in the face of emerging threats. The integration of AI augmentation was a key theme, highlighting its potential to enhance real-time efficiency and responsiveness.”

OmniPayments article ends with a warm embracement of the TBC2024 plans: “News of next year’s venue was announced as the conference came to a close. Looks as though we are all heading back to California but this time, to the surrounds of Monterey. From experience there are no shortages of restaurants and bars and, of course, the famous aquarium from yet another movie, ‘Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home’ will likely be featured at some point and for many of us who plan on attending this indeed could become the highlight of the conference.”

Richard Buckle writes in the article “AI, Operations, and the demise of the System Console.” NonStop systems have always been the target of multiple solutions, all aimed at ensuring that fresh data created on NonStop is protected. “Security has for years been a multi-layer thing – Perimeters, Antivirus, Firewalls everywhere, MFA, etc. complement each other,” said Bill Honaker in a recent email exchange (with Richard). In this exchange (Bill) referenced the presentation at NonStop TBC 2023 by Randall Becker. As a follow up to his presentation, Randall has contributed an article to this issue of NonStop Insider where he directs further attention at the role of operators:

“Mostly, it is important to take away keyboards from your production staff.
This will ensure that even if someone manages to obtain their credentials,
no damaging action could be taken.

“There is a small cultural change management issue involved
as the production staff are probably going to push back on
having their keyboard access taken away, but they still should
be able to get onto the system with escalated credentials
(SUPER.BOB, for example) in an emergency.

“But that requires the use of the automated command
review system to enable those users.”

Make sure you look for Randall’s article, Ransomware: Is it time to take keyboards away from production? as it really is a good read.”

TANDsoft was pleased with the outcomes of the TBC2023 event: “In case you missed the Show, we had very positive feedback from NonStop customers at our booth, especially concerning the use of FS Backup and Restore to ensure a Rapid Recovery After a Ransomware Attack and the Blazing fast Compare and Repair for all NonStop files and tables.”

TCM summarized its experience: “TBC 2023 Conference couldn’t have been better – we met with a broader population of the NonStop sales and solutions architects than we had experienced previously.” Later in TCM article you will read: “One of the best attended presentations of the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference was given by Shiva Sundaram, NonStop Solutions Architect, TCM Solutions – NonStop, Evolution Through Modernization. There would be few that would argue against virtualization, as it is a part of any business journey into modernization. However, when it comes to moving from the hardware to a virtual system, TCM has observed how many NonStop users have faced serious challenges as to how best to begin that journey, knowing full well that the underlying infrastructure of the NonStop applications may be best described as legacy. Understanding this reality, Shiva moved quickly to address the many open source and enterprise supported industry standard tools available today that are proving extremely helpful in the pursuit of modernization.”

TIC wrote: “During TBC, TIC engaged with users, HPE, and third-party vendors to discuss these important questions, and had valuable discussions and feedback. We firmly believe that no single entity can solve these challenges; it necessitates collaboration among all stakeholders. We advocate for collaboration and are encouraged by third party vendor initiatives such as the Global NonStop Alliance (GNSA) by CSP, MOU program by NTI, and NonStop Studio by Idelji. We enthusiastically participate in these initiatives, foreseeing more collaborative efforts on the path to future-proofing NonStop.”

The Pyalla article by Richard Buckle provides an upbeat ending to this editorial given Richard said: “NonStop TBC 2023 was about change. Changing aspirations for NonStop together with changing deployment models. Change will continue unabated and it comes as no surprise then that the venue for NonStop TBC 2024 changes once again. Monterey, California may be a return to California, but the venue will be very different to what we have become accustomed to and that is perhaps the best news on change of all.

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