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July Editorial


Following the HPE Discover 2017 it seems that everyone picked up on the topic of transformation. After all it was a key message from HPE. When I hear “transformation” what comes to my mind is the scene from New Orleans’ street – if you missed the post featuring a remarkable transformation then check out this post to Real Time View:

Seriously, transforming your IT does not mean throwing things away and replacing them with newer, faster and better, but it means utilizing what you have and maybe augment it somewhat to use it in different and creative ways. That brings us to another of HPE’s topic; it is a hybrid world and if you see HPE’s adds picturing a woman in business suite and high heels, that are placed firmly on what looks like a construction site, you can read the message that HPE wants you to internalize: “Your right mix of hybrid IT is infrastructure that’s secure, software-defined and composable, giving IT the flexibility, agility, speed and control they need to deliver at the speed of business.” The add then points to

So everyone seems to have walked out of the HPE Discover 2017 feeling energized and ready to face challenges of hybrid world and NonStop vendors attendingthe show went home to apply to their offerings the principles of  making the hybrid world easy to use, fast, secure and flexible. After all, physical NonStop system already come software-defined and most of us can recall how it was easy to add processors and disks to the stock exchange systems without needing to stop processing (if you can recall Black Monday 1987 and the stock market crash where everything crashed except for NonStop).

The vNS, virtual NonStop, system will be, by definition, living in a hybrid environment and in my mind the creation of vNS is one of the better examples of software undergoing the transformation! Congratulations to the NonStop Team, pretty amazing! And perhaps in the near future we will tackle the topic of vNS and feature it as a theme – stay tuned for more to come about this. In the meantime, take a look at what the NonStop vendor community is writing about transformation and hybrid IT!