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March Editorial


This month we are bringing to you a number of articles from new sources! NonStop Insider seems to have found its unique voice among the growing list of NonStop publications, and I hope we will continue to evolve into a “something for everyone” magazine. I am still looking for contributions, but this March issue is content loaded.

Overall, the optimistic view on the future of NonStop, renewed interest in the IoT, clouds, hybrids and of course migrations from the previous, Itanium based NonStop systems to the new, x86 Intel based ones is pretty obvious. No question about it, the promise of NonStop X and with it, Virtualized NonStop as well, is bound to develop traction with many vendors as they see the potential to grow their own businesses. 2017 may be a year when the big users of NonStop focus on testing, validation and pilots but that is good news of itself. Here at NonStop Insider we are seeing (and hearing) less about migrations away from NonStop even as we witness renewed energy being pumped into NonStop – just look at the turnout for RUG events! Even to the most jaded of NonStop supporters, the numbers look to be up on previous years.

Almost all the NonStop vendors we contacted are getting ready for the NonStop Partner Symposium to be held in Palo Alto. And these same vendors are attending local RUG events as well even as they are talking about the upcoming pan-European eBITUG event – it seems like spring will be a very busy time for all, and the latest word from HPE, following the recent 2017 World Mobile Conference (WMC) in Barcelona, is that Senior Director of Development of HPE, Andy Bergholz, along with EMEA Sales Specialist, HPE Italy, Marco Sansoni, were giving demos of Virtualized NonStop running CME applications to WMC event attendees.

As you return home after having attended a meeting why don’t you write us a note for inclusion in the next issue of the NonStop Insider? We will take all contributions large and small, so if you are hard pressed for time just jot down a couple of paragraphs and let the rest of the NonStop community share in your experience!