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November Editorial

It's time for Boot Camp!


Seems that everyone is getting ready to participate in the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. For a good reason, as we all think of NonStop as unique and special and it is encouraging to see the active Under 40s SIG involved with the production of this video:

If you go look for the videos related to Tandem you may be in for a nostalgia treat – many of the First Friday videos are available as are some presentations recorded in the past TBCs… Alas, let’s move on, everyone is moving on, even HPE decided to go to Santa Clara’s Aruba Network’s building.

In this November 2017 issue of the NonStop Insider you will read how the CEO of OmniPayments, Yash Kapadia, feels about the future of his company and the future of NonStop. Read the article, and find out more, but as a teaser: Yash said “Perhaps more interesting for the rest of the NonStop community is our roll-out of OmniPayments on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. We have moved rapidly to build-out our own cloud supporting multiple mid-size and smaller clients so that they don’t have to deploy any on-premise servers. This cloud is populated with NonStop X systems and we believe that this is a first for the NonStop community and for HPE.”

You will read more in the OmniPayments own submission: “With the OmniCloudX payments service, institutions simply plug their existing business workflow into the OmniCloudX service. They don’t have to worry about any of the infrastructure overheads, e.g. where the system is located, who runs it, the knowledge and skills to run the system. All this is handled by the OmniCloudX service. All the client gets are the benefits of the card payments service. And OmniPayments is expecting this to make up a growing proportion of our customer base and associated revenues as a large number of SMEs take advantage of our cloud-based solutions.”

As always, you will read about upcoming and past groups events:

OzTUG event was held in Melbourne on October 31, 2017 – read the impressions and feedback! In summary: “All told, a good program and a good turnout is goodness enough to encourage further events and who knows, we may even attract more dignitaries from further afield!  See you there next year and perhaps, you can think of escaping winter for the joys of summer down under … “

2017 BITUG Little SIG will be held on December, 7th at the Barclays’ Canary Wharf offices. “When it comes to highlights for this Little SIG then perhaps we should be drawing more attention to the tuning and performance analysis of Java. When you consider the skillsets on hand at most NonStop installations, this is perhaps one area where there is a real need to devote more time to education and to expose the NonStop community to more knowledgeable folks capable of steering conversations in the right direction. Clearly, with Java 8 now available and with the additional CPU power that has come with embracing the Intel x86 architecture, more Java based solutions will likely find their way onto the NonStop platform so sharing knowledge and experience should prove invaluable for all those who elect to attend the event in December.”

For the first time we are welcoming a contribution from CSP, who is a diamond sponsor of TBC! You may be familiar with this company, but they do have a surprise this year: “As far as the NonStop security market is concerned we are definitely carving out a very specific niche in that area. We do have a new product to announce at TBC and it’s called Verify EliteTM . It’s frankly just one of the best compliance solutions for NonStop that is available. And of course you may have heard about our web based security solution, Protect–X®.  Protect–X® provides security hardening using HTML5 and a browser interface. It has a huge amount of functionality for Safeguard and OSS security and although its original function was to secure the NonStop system, according to best practices, we’re extending it way beyond that to include a variety of open platforms including Linux and Unix.”

Data Express wrote a very upbeat story about its partnership with comForte. Referencing Data Express own blog they said: “In the most recent post, 2017 HAS PROVED TO BE A YEAR OF NEW PARTNERSHIPS AND NEW BUSINESS FOR DATAEXPRESS ON NONSTOP! we mentioned Boot Camp will be somewhere you will see the two companies working together for the first time and, with comForte as our sales partner for both our NonStop and Open Platform products, we are really quite thrilled at the options both customers and prospects alike will have available. comForte has a really solid reputation within the NonStop community and as we already integrated its security products for SSL and SSH into DataExpress, taking the relationship up another level just seemed the right thing for us to do.”

ETI is, as well, happy to be partnering with HPE. “From external hardware controllers to virtual machine support, ETI-NET is demonstrating that with BackBox there are many options available to the enterprise. Working with HPE as well as other partners, it was recognized very early that the cloud would be having an impact on all that is deployed in the data center and with this latest offering from ETI-NET, enterprises can continue to explore their options as to what and how much they move to clouds whether public, private or managed by third parties.”

TSI is also preparing for the TBC and you will read more in its submission – but here is an excerpt: “So attend Tributary Systems Bootcamp presentation where CEO Shawn Sabanayagam will detail a new, low cost, highly secure and scalable data backup, archival, and DR solution for NonStop. Using Cloud Object Storage with Erasure Coding will simplify backup operations while reducing storage and archival costs.”

comForte will be present at Booth #3 at the TBC – read the article submitted by comForte – looks like there will be a lot of going on at TBC! For instance, Henning Horst, co-editor of the ANSI X9.119-2 tokenization standard released in August 2017 will be presenting “How the new ANSI X9 standard for tokenization will help you meet compliance and regulation requirements”…

Gravic plans to participate in TBC – read the entire article to find out more but note that Gravic says: “On November 12, we are co-sponsoring a Partner Technical Update (PTU) for HPE Sales, Technical Services, and Solution Architects. HPE attendees should contact us for additional information if they plan to attend and have not already registered.”

Paragon takes on an interesting topic: how do you protect and defend your brand and how Paragon can help you stay away from the “loosing face” experience. “Your brand is worth defending, and the perception of your company in the marketplace has to ensure your customers you are worthy of their business. Change happens fast and user experiences evolve with each and every new smart device.”

Striim will be present at TBC, booth #52. Robert Buencamino, will be leading the Striim delegation at Boot Camp. What will stand out in most NonStop attendees minds will be how well “STRIIM delivers to Nonstop an orchestration of services providing enterprise applications and databases the unique advantage of mission-critical availability while leveraging commodity infrastructure at scale,” said Buencamino.” Read the article to find out more!

And in a first for NonStop Insider – Insider Technology is providing a pre-release news announcement featuring their new Sentra Lighthouse mobile app!

Pyalla Technologies, LLC is all ready to participate in the TBC and Richard wonders what will be unveiled this year, mostly by HPE, as we have seen glimpses of the new products and features from the vendors community – you will certainly read about some in this issue of the NonStop Insider.  “What I am anticipating is further news on just how NonStop customers have migrated to x86 as it really is in everyone’s interest to keep track of the score – if we have as yet not made hard and fast plans to migrate to x86 then hearing about all those who have completed the migration without running into issues should certainly give us more confidence to proceed down a similar path.” For more on his observations and expectations, you will just have to read his submission in full.”

Social Media Roundup, also from Buckle, concentrates on the topic of networking, volunteering and mentoring. You will probably not be too surprised to read how this article started with a ride to the airport in the Uber car. Well, if it is Richard then the reference to a car will somehow appear there… Even if it’s a Uber car. Anyway, as the Uber driver wanted to enter the IT work force Richard observes: “In today’s highly networked world, the good jobs continue to go to those who really are ‘insiders’ and who have nurtured their professional networks to where nearly everyone in their sphere of interests knows their name. Individual branding? You bet, and where social media has really made a difference as the net can now be cast so much wider and potential opportunities for career advancement recognized a lot sooner.”

Well, see you at TBC if you plan to attend, let us know if you have any comments or questions!