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With the holiday season firmly behind us and the New Year upon us it’s hard to ignore the simple pleasures enjoyed by many members of our family. Opening gifts, looking inside boxes, flipping through cards to see if Grandma had given us a surprise ten dollar note, made the time an especially joyous occasion. Even in these times of what we are adjusting to as our new normal, it’s fair to say we still enjoy watching the faces of those whose expectations were met to the fullest.

The baseball season may still be months away but every child knows that there is a gift at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. Well until recently that is, given that now all our children can expect to see is a QR code that when scanned, lets them download a baseball-themed game. On the other hand few will forget that memorable line from the 1996 movie Jerry Mcguire where Tom Cruise’s character screams to his client, “show me the money” even as he symbolically hold a satchel signifying he has the money. Expectations become discernable very quickly when it becomes probable that something good is within reach.


When it comes to technology and the many solutions afforded IT professionals, these expectations are sometimes unrealized. More often than not it is the CIO left to ponder any indiscretions in this regard as solutions are often purchased solely on the basis of an impressive PowerPoint presentation. Even when there is a demonstration of the product provided as part of a PowerPoint presentation, too many times have CIOs ended up buying little more than slideware together with vague promises of more to come “in the next release!” This is especially the case when it comes to combining data and apps where there is a need to transform and integrate information and processes residing on disparate systems.

Information silos are the bane of IT’s existence as the enterprises seek actionable insights from data and apps that for a very long time were simply silo-ed within the boundaries of proprietary systems. CIOs need to show the C-level colleagues the value that comes with hybrid IT but as has been the case so often before, what looked good on PowerPoint slides doesn’t automatically translate to a more competitive and successful business practice. To be sure, when left to others to look inside the box for that all important gift, there is only blank cardboard packaging to be seen.

“As we continue our dialogue with many of the biggest NonStop users we cannot help but see that existing business relationships are coming up short even as product deliverables are not the all-encompassing solutions that was promised,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “The NonStop system of today whether operating on a traditional converged system or within a virtual machine, plays an important role within the enterprise. No other system affords these enterprises a higher level of availability than NonStop and yet, as fresh as the data created on NonStop might be its contribution to the enterprise is subject only to how effectively it can be moved to where it provides the most value.”

Increasingly, the demand of CIOs is to be sure data created everywhere in the enterprise has the ability to contribute to creating meaningful actionable insights. With as much discussion as there is now about AI / ML and the analytics that feed their models, CIOs are anxious about just how well they can meet the needs of the business even as they are concerned about the costs involved. “This is perhaps the most important aspect of all when it comes time for NonStop users to take their first baby steps away from silo-ed NonStop solutions,” said Dunne. “Of course products have to meet their expectations but providing products at justifiable price point is just as important.”

With the introduction of DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers, NTI raises the bar on capabilities offered even as it lowers the entry price. Existing customers of DRNet® now have full access to all DRNet® capabilities for no additional license fees. Integration with Kafka, Splunk and more are now fully supported even as distribution to open systems such as Linux and Windows and to the databases they run is likewise available to all NonStop users of DRNet® “No new license fees for an already best-priced solution even as there is access to all the functionality needed today to break through the silos NonStop represents.

No matter how hard you look and how many boxes you might open, there is no Coupé de Ville at the bottom of any Cracker Jack box. Nothing good ever came out of packaging that promised the world. For NonStop users the opportunity to turn to NTI and to its DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers product line represents an opportunity to enjoy the best NonStop replication affords today at prices that continue to be value priced. If this is a topic that your CIO is anxiously awaiting news from their NonStop IT professionals and is something you would like to hear more about, then simply reach out to us either by email or phone. Just call the number below or email us at any time at

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