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2021: A time to stay focused on people!



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It was back in early 2020 that our CEO Jason Remillard said, “Help, just help our customers, we will figure it out.” So, we placed all our focus on our customers but not in the cliché way, instead on the “help each person” way. There is no possible way that we could ignore what was then just starting but as the year progressed we stuck with this directive. Many companies talk about their culture and about the impact it has on their team. In this instance we share much the same spirit as found today at HPE. It was only a short time ago that HPE wrote of how:

“Employees that simply enjoy working together because of the culture will go the extra mile for the company, stay with the company through difficult times and help the company to succeed. For HPE today, our unshakable DNA is all about putting “our customer first. We partner, innovate and act with uncompromising integrity.”

For a vendor focused on risk mitigation – as the company name highlights: Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. – 2020 was a huge reminder that nothing can be taken for granted and that there will always be surprises install for the global business community. While not downplaying the terrible human tragedy this global pandemic represents, or the impact it has had on so many lives, by putting our people first we were able to weather these most dramatic times.

“While 2020 turned out to be crazy, the impact of doing just this, focusing on people, was positive and amazing – I don’t believe we will ever lose our ‘help each person’ culture.”

DATA FEB 2021 - 2

In 2021 we are staying focused on helping people, by making it easier for people to access and use our data security products and services. There are a few updates coming to the UI, and most importantly, Jason announced that we will be making DataExpress (Secure Managed File Transfer) available in the cloud as a service.

We would not be surprised to hear that the NonStop community was expecting to read of this decision, but taking greater advantage of opportunities cloud services can afford us is simply a decision we couldn’t afford not to take. Anticipate hearing a lot more about this new service as the year unfolds!

“Our customers are all sizes, they all want easy enterprise grade solutions that work, and DataExpress is trusted by some of the largest financial companies in the world. Our Cloud offering will make it available to a much larger audience!” As DX-as-a-Service becomes available then according to DataExpress executive, Billy Whittington, “if you are running from a Windows, Unix, NonStop or Chevy, provided you have the capability to move data, you should be able to access this new service offering of DataExpress.

Should you have any questions about this most recent development please don’t hesitate reaching out to us directly at Data443. We would welcome any and all questions that you may have; Data443 with DataExpress continues to serve the needs of the NoNStop community whenever the need arises to transport, transform and deliver data by a vendor that is a trusted partner of leading financial organizations.

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