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2021 Cybersecurity predictions from comforte



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First and foremost, we wish all our customers, partners, and fellow vendors a very Happy New Year! While we have left the challenging year 2020 behind us, the challenges on a personal and business level continue as we enter the new year. So many countries worldwide have entered into another period of national lockdown, as many people, businesses and governments grapple with the huge economic repercussions of the global pandemic.

Amidst all the near future imponderability, data security continues to be a hot topic in 2021, for sure. Join Mark Bower, SVP Product Strategy at comforte, in this video as he outlines some cybersecurity predictions for 2021.

Highlights are:

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Everything is going digital now, and digital transformation projects have picked up speed, quite often due to new requirements that came to the fore during the pandemic. There is a renewed focus on obtaining the optimal value from IT investments. At the same time, security, the flexibility/agility of devops, the openness of applications, data access and availability are key factors.

Discover some great ways to future-proof your applications and data on HPE NonStop by watching this short, animated video.

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And finally, as we’re looking at the events calendar for 2021, it is quite apparent that the organizers of the local TUG’s and RUG’s worldwide are still somewhat hesitant to announce their event plans. Who can blame them given the current Coronavirus restrictions? It remains to be seen if the NonStop community will go back to in-person meetings where possible, or if virtual events are becoming the ‘new normal’. It seems most likely that it will be a combination of both.

We are definitely hoping to see you in person again in 2021 (restrictions permitting)!