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Tributary says “Look at the Use Case”

By Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, Tributary Systems

Tributary Systems


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Consciously or unconsciously, and whether it be goods or services, we all evaluate use cases when we make a product purchasing decision. Large or small, this happens all the time, and guides us into making (for the most part) sensible decisions. I’m buying a jar of spaghetti sauce. Use case- I’m going to have spaghetti for dinner. I’m buying a new truck. Use case- I need to move large items, I require greater fuel efficiency than my existing truck provides (cost reduction); I require enhanced reliability (more uptime), etc. Simple stuff, really…….

Sometimes though, the use case may be flawed, especially in more complex purchases. Here’s an example: the use case for a lawn mower is that I need to mow my grass evenly, efficiently, and at low cost with a long product service life. Most, but not all, of us assume that a use case for a lawn mower would not include hedge clipping or tree trimming.

So defining a use case properly does seem to be an important component of purchasing decisions.


Use Cases for Tributary Systems Storage Director and Cloud Object Storage

Let’s take a look at three typical Use Cases where Storage Director, paired with Cloud Object Storages, enhances backup and restore operations for NonStop:


Backup/restore with proprietary dedup storage


Backup to Tape


Public Cloud Backup


Storage Director provides a simple, cost effective, secure and high performance interface to both Public and/or Private (on-premise) Clouds for NonStop archiving and backup operations. Not only is Tributary Systems is a valued HPE partner, but also partners with both IBM and Hitachi. Storage Director is designed to interface with both IBM’s Cloud Object Storage and Hitachi’s HCP (Hitachi Content Platform). This versatility eliminates the need for server specific on-premise backup storage infrastructure, be it disk or tape. Storage Director’s extreme backup and restore (Read and Write) performance allows backup data to be written to Public Cloud object storage solutions such as AWS, Google, Azure, IBM COS and Hitachi HCP, with extreme speeds. In fact, per node measured performance on Storage Director keeps going up and up.  If the host can push it, Storage Director can now ingest data at 20TB/hour per node and restore at 17TB/hour per node. For customers with backup window time constraints, performance like this will prove invaluable.

If required, Storage Director, when properly configured, has the ability to internally or externally cache backups on-premise and then push the data to a public or private cloud via customer defined policies. Caching provides for immediately accessible backups, and reduces or eliminates ingress and egress fees. Storage Director is now certified compatible with Hitachi G350, G600 and G950 and IBM Storwize V5000, V7000 and HPE P2000 arrays. Internal cache is fully configurable per customer requirements, and is shipped from Tributary Systems fully integrated and tested.

Storage Director is currently in production in datacenter environments at four of the 20 largest (Fortune 20) corporations in the US, and for 10 years or more. Multiple NonStop customers currently have Storage Director in production, with more installations in process.  References are available.

As always, if you’d like additional information on, or references for, Storage Director, visit, or contact our Sales Director, Matt Allen, at 817-786-3066 (office) or 713-492-7434 (cell). Matt can also be reached at


Storage Director allows NonStop professionals to “augment what they have and use it in creative new ways!”