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83% of Software Developers Have a Gambling Problem



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Ascert Mar 2020 - 1

[Note from Editor: There are catchy headlines and then there are really catchy headlines. When this article appeared on social media channels including LinkedIn there were numerous comments posted …]

The dirty little secret within most organizations is that software developers don’t like to test. In fact, a US Defense Department survey found that amount to be 83%! Why is that number so high? The answer is simple.

Breaking down the responses even further the survey found that 52% don’t like to test because they find that the process is too tedious. This fear leads 80% of the companies to release software to beta sites without any type of testing at all!

When it all it all boils down, not testing is simply gambling. They are gambling that an error will not occur. They are gambling that something catastrophic won’t happen to their customers or their business because of bad code.

If you’re ready to stop the gambling addiction and start testing, you don’t need to do an entire 12 step program. You just need to take the first step.

In this presentation, Dr. Rich Greene exposes what really happens in many major development shops and will reveal his 3-step program to break the addiction … forever!

If you had been looking forward to hearing Rich give this presentation there were plans to give it at DUST but it has now been announced that DUST this spring has been cancelled. Many speakers have travel bans apparently, according to Rich due to the Coronavirus and that’s sad. On the other hand, how well are we accommodating something like this when it hits your business?

“We have partnered up with TIC Software to be able to deliver high-end testing solutions; Ascert handles the technology and TIC handles implementation,” said Rich. “I’ll be giving the same presentation as described above – look out for our upcoming co-hosted webinar announcement. You will read more about this shortly.”

It was back on October 9, 2019 that Ascert and Tic announced a services partnership –

The formation of this joint venture provides a significant value-added proposition to users of the HPE NonStop platform,” says Rich Greene, Ascert’s Director of Sales & Service for the America’s. “Both companies have decades of experience in the space and are well known for delivering innovative solutions that work extremely well.”

“We are excited about being able to continue to expand services to our customers and increase value via Ascert’s VersaTest testing platform,” says Ryan Ly, who oversees business development at TIC.” Added Philip Ly, President of TIC, “Our 30+ years as experts in the NonStop allow us to easily see how this technology can enhance any company’s operation; thereby creating opportunities for faster delivery of products and services to the market.”

If you have not read the news release posted to the Ascewrt web site, then simply follow this link –
Ascert and TIC Announce Partnership to Bring Enhanced Services to the HPE NonStop Community


Ascert Mar 2020 - 2

Dr. Richard Greene, DBA

Rich Greene has more than 30 years of experience as a sales executive and testing professional. He’s active in sports and is a 7-time Ironman finisher and ultra-distance open water Swimmer. Rich also has a passion for helping others to achieve peak performance in their personal and professional lives.

As a Sales Director at Ascert, he draws upon this passion for excellence to help companies realize their highest levels of efficiency and business potential. Using the industry’s leading technology from Ascert, his customers can achieve unprecedented levels of testing productivity and performance in their organizations.