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Social Media Round-Up [January, 2020]

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smru feb 2020

It started with a tweet that promoted a January 27, 2020, blog posting by HPE where it listed its Top 8 Predictions for the IT World in 2020. Its focus was cloud computing and it provided eight predictions for the IT world. Reading through the list two of them jumped off the page:

For the NonStop community the potential benefits of virtualization and private cloud deployments are very much on the minds of IT professionals, but it is important to note that such deployments may just be a stepping stone or two away from offering NonStop applications as services, either in part or in full. In a world that demands IT be more responsive to changing business environments, the move to an Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) holds the promise of doing exactly that – the rapid creation of new products to meet business needs. It is not too big of a stretch to envision the modular nature of services leading to new combinations that can be deployed very quickly. As for HPC and AI, its becoming better known that there will be a need among enterprises for access to powerful systems when it comes to analytics.

What follows here are selected extracts from the post to the HPE blog –

One thing’s for sure: we will increasingly see a paradigm shift to as-a-Service

Despite the promise of the cloud to speed delivery of new applications, the vast majority of today’s apps and data remain in the data center and are growing at the edge. As a result, businesses have been struggling with their digital transformation efforts as they are dealing with a siloed, inconsistent experience across their hybrid estate and lack control and visibility into the costs and risks across their enterprise.

2020 will see an increasing demand for a consistent cloud experience across on-premises and public cloud with simple, point-and-click access to services and rich insights about cost, compliance and performance across the entire hybrid landscape. Customers will be opting for this experience to direct and drive their digital transformation initiatives, all delivered as-a-Service.

While SaaS is nothing new, core hardware technologies such as compute, networking, and storage are powering the next era of innovation – and will be increasingly consumed as-a-Service as customers demand flexibility, simplicity and freedom.

87 percent of IT decision makers have already started to or have fully implemented these solutions as-a-Service in their organizations, and the majority (88%) agree that it’s paramount to gaining a competitive edge. Unleashing the potential of as-a-Service will mean more enterprises can make hybrid IT a reality, and accelerate digital transformation. It will mean broader market use for powerful emerging technologies like edge computing, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to fuel discovery and insights in ways that have never been made possible before.

Harnessing the explosion of data with HPC and AI

“Data has undoubtedly become invaluable and there’s more of it than ever. Enterprises are looking for advanced ways to use it, unlock insights, and drive outcomes. HPC systems are the new architecture powering AI and analytics models, enabling us to solve some of the world’s toughest problems by processing and analyzing large volumes of complex data. Now to truly harness an impending era of data explosion and make a significant impact, enterprises will need new Exascale Era technologies and capabilities to converge workloads and workflows such as simulation and modeling, with AI, machine learning and big data analytics.

By having the ability to consume this technology as a service and expand the use of high-performance computing systems in the enterprise, we can expect breakthroughs in a range of industries; from scientists identifying root causes of cancer and climatologists predicting the next hurricane path, to energy companies simulating oil reservoir production in just minutes and optimizing new well placements. We will see companies, small and large, tackle their digital transformation initiatives.”

Peter Ungaro, senior vice president and general manager, HPC and AI

When you consider NonStop systems today and acknowledge that it is NonStop where data is created then it is not too big a step to consider adjacent systems as consumers of that data. For the purposes of providing key business insights it is best to consider that fresh data is what’s most important, so moving or streaming data between NonStop and systems where analytics is performed comes to mind. Furthermore, among those adjacent systems you will find High Performance Computer (HPC) systems which will hold the key to unlocking that data to provide those insights. Increasingly we will see HPE offering deals that combine NonStop and HPC systems’ offerings in new and innovative ways to meet the needs of business.

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise 2020 Predictions: Hybrid Cloud, as-a-Service, and Artificial Intelligence will change the future of IT

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