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SQL/MX DBS, Ease of Use Series

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hpe sql nov 20

In the last issue of the NonStop Insider the first video on NonStop SQL/MX recorded by Frans Jongma, Master Technologist at HPE was a highlight. Frans has now added four more videos and you can view them by following these links:

NonStop SQL/MX DBS Create Database

NonStop SQL/MX DBS Tenant Admin Database Operations

NonStop SQL/MX DBS Series 04 Tenant schema operations

NonStop SQL/MX DBS Series 05 Install and use a demo database

And if you missed the very first video, then you can find it here:

NonStop SQL/MX DBS Introduction

If your interest lies in database and in particular, the much updated NonStop SQL/MX database, then these just happen to be among the best explanatory videos on the topic that are currently accessible on YouTube. In the recent NonStop Research Note published in the August issue of NonStop Insider, The ABCs of an Affordable Business Critical compute, these ABCs were described as being Availability, Bandwidth, Cost, Database and Ecosystem. However, the aspect of ease-of-use and with respect to how it impacts the cost of the NonStop SQL/MX database, was only lightly touched upon, but in these videos, Frans focuses on this topic and leaves nothing to chance.

“While the videos are not part of the TBC event, I made them for the purpose of showing customers and others who are interested how you do not need a command-line interface to a NonStop server to be able to manage and use a NonStop SQL/MX database,” said Frans in a recent email exchange with the editors of NonStop Insider. “It is a reminder of one of the original Tandem fundamentals: ‘Ease of Use’. This is something that I think is forgotten quite often these days. Software gets more complex as more components and frameworks are added, and when one applies a few reasonable default settings, a configuration will be good most of the times.”

When pressed for more information as to why the five videos were made, the response from Frans was direct and to the point:

“The hardware has improved so much, especially since NonStop has joined the Intel X86 architecture for its processors and with virtualized NonStop, customers are not even limited in the power of the processor(s) they run their applications on. So, I created the 5 videos to show from beginning to actual use of a database in small (typically 15 minutes) episodes. I hope that there is an audience that will benefit from their investment in time.”

However, what will be in the presentation Frans gives at the upcoming virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp and what participants can expect to take away from the session, Frans explained:

“Those who would like to use programming languages other than Cobol or C, Java is a good and well-known industry alternative. The communication to the NonStop SQL database using JDBC over TCP/IP is good for high volume transaction traffic (I saw 500 – 800 TMF TPS coming from a single JVM instance that executed on the NonStop server). There are two JDBC drivers for NonStop SQL/MX: one for on-platform access, the other, the Type-4 driver, can be used for on-platform use as well as off-platform use. This means, that the exact same (Java) application can be hosted on Linux or Windows or on NonStop or even a combination.”

Frans will be giving this 1 hour presentation on Wednesday, November 18, at 11:45am, but check the agenda closer to the date to make sure there aren’t any last minute alterations to the program. One of the benefits from participating in events such as this is that you get to hear directly from the NonStop team members involved in major projects so when it comes to NonStop SQL/MX this is a presentation not to be missed!