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A brief update of what has been happening with Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments


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Lusis Payments has been making news of late and for those who have not as yet caught up with all the news on Lusis Payments, a brief update on three of the most recent news updates is included below. When  it comes to modernization and transformation about which we are hearing so much coming from HPE, these three updates touch on elements that are in line with what much of the industry is discussing – the need for the highest possible levels of availability even with a services approach to architecture; the need to detect and prevent fraudulent intrusions into the network; and yes the ongoing need for the retail industry to unify their customer experiences across all channels in order to provide a highly personalized experience.



There’s no time for downtime, and it’s crucial that your Nonstop hardware platform is at the ready 24/7. Lusis Payments has years of experience with open systems and brought our experience to Nonstop and OSS a few years back.  One of the key architecture features of an SOA Nonstop environment relates to reliability and high availability, with the agility and the scalability users need. A versatile design and architecture provides the same high availability Nonstop users are accustomed to for continuous online processing plus Active/ Active and Active/Passive environments. This allows payment applications to be streamlined across multiple servers without sacrificing speed or accuracy which creates a robust, reliable platform with guaranteed delivery every time.

Some elements of high availability are provided by the architecture of the hardware platform, such as fault tolerance, clustering, and remote backup. Lusis has experience with these different architectures and their respective pros and cons. We have integrated several functions to minimize any constraints introduced by these disparate architectures.

Read the entire article featured in “The Connection” magazine here:



Lusis’ TANGO embeds an anti-fraud service that has been successfully implemented by several large French banks for many years. This service can be provided as an independent TANGO environment application.

List of features:

Read the entire report here:



The Global retail markets are being forced into tremendous change to survive and this is evident in the United States more than anywhere else. The media and Wall Street analysts continue to highlight that a new paradigm is impacting the retail market.

A Fortune Magazine article stated “Can America’s Department Stores Survive? “  The Atlantic Monthly stated “From rural strip-malls to Manhattan’s avenues, it has been a disastrous two years for retail.”  Recently, Amazon threw down the gauntlet and announced their intention to integrate the traditional bricks and mortar grocery vertical via their announced $13.7B bid for upscale grocer Whole Foods Inc.

Today, Amazon’s capitalization outweighs the entire European retail sector combined. The financial markets and the consumer are demanding that traditional based retailers need to make significant changes to survive.

The industry has become focused on Omni-Channel, and within that movement a key foundation to accomplishing it resides in the integration of payments as part of the strategy. Lusis, a payment specialist provides key elements to enable this need. In simple terms the retail industry has to unify their customer experiences across all channels in order to provide a highly personalized experience. A significant key to that accomplishment is an IT architecture that enables these goals.

A retailer’s ability to deliver a true Omni-Channel experience is dependent on the evolution of the current operating models. However, what is possible to deliver is dependent on the foundation of their IT environment and what it is capable of.  Old solutions are costly and slow to enhance and adapt. A modern micro-service payment architecture like the Lusis Tango product can keep pace and easily adapt to today’s challenges: READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

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