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A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

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HPE Enterprise Account Executive, Steve Kubick, continues publishing videos to YouTube. You can visit his latest video using the link at the end of this article. His choice of title this month, Retail on the Edge, is a reference to both the ruggedness of NonStop as well as its versatility. Yes, it can go big when the occasion calls for NonStop to go big and yet, the same technology can go small when required. Steve highlights that irrespective of whether NonStop is part of your Digital Core or supporting your Intelligent Edge, NonStop can provide value.

Steve makes a point that his introduction to NonStop was when working for a retailer. At that time, the NonStop was a state-of-the-art solution for this retailer where dashboards developed in support of the many retail outlets supported which provided executives with insights into what was moving off the floor. So much so that they could move inventory around, nightly! This experience with NonStop has stayed with Steve and was further enforced by his attendance at events held in January – one being in New York for the National Retail Federation (NRF) event while the other had to do with coming across an interesting news story featuring Facial Recognition Technology as used by Atlanta Police Force.

Combine what was shown at NRF in terms of much higher resolution cameras used for the purpose of recognizing a customer with the integration being done of recognition with social media to know more about you, and in so doing, know where your interests lie. The value comes with being able to customize the retail experience for any shopper who walks into your store. But then, Steve changes course to look at the data that is being generated in the process – what are we really doing with all that data? Once again, the prospect of data being little more than “digital exhaust” is raised, but then, if you have the ability to store it and make sense of it, surely you can derive even more value!

It then becomes a simple transition for Steve to make as he extols the virtue of placing NonStop out at the Edge where data is created. “You need systems out on the edge that can do the processing at the edge and where the database can scale,” noted Steve. “NonStop is small enough for any Edge location  – even a sailboat or a fleet of drones – they are rugged enough where all data can be fed into the same database, be that at the Edge or back at the Core. It’s the same.” For Steve this is an invitation to look at NonStop; a great system big enough to run debit and credit processing on a global basis and yet small enough to meet any need where data is created!


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If you would like to play Steve’s short video you can do so by simply following the link below that will take you to Youtube –

It is Steve’s hope that you see enough in this video that piques your interest in NonStop and gets you talking with your NonStop sales team. It’s also Steve’s desire that after watching this latest video, you will like it and share with your colleagues. And of course Steve would like you to connect with him on LinkedIn –