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A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

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Right now, you will find Steve Kubick sheltering in place. Fortunately, it just happens to be in San Diego, California. Of course, this all due to the community’s need to “flatten the curve,” which becomes a necessity as the virus begins spreading exponentially. According to Steve, recent experiences have highlighted how NonStop is making a contribution in ways that leave you not having to worry about your system’s availability. It was a recent outing to a big box retailer that highlighted just how big a contribution NonStop is making and of how many touch points exist between critical infrastructure and NonStop.

Of course shopping for necessities is stressful of itself these days, but imagine arriving at the checkout only to find the credit card systems were down and the store reverting to a manual process and that well, they only have a $200 limit and you have $400 worth of groceries in the cart. Imagine too if I couldn’t call your family on the mobile to see what we could do with less of (or more, of depending on what hits the shelves at that time). And what if your condition drove you to call emergency services on 911?

So much is being done by NonStop in support of the national infrastructure that, for the most part, we have ceased even thinking about it let alone worry about it. And aren’t you glad that you don’t have to? Yes, the national infrastructure we interact with on a daily basis just keeps on going what it has to do with NonStop – isn’t it reassuring to know that there are several things you know you don’t have to worry about?

If you would like to play Steve’s short video you can do so by simply clicking below:

It is Steve’s hope that you do watch it and in so doing, come to appreciate just how big a role NonStop continues to play in our lives and again, once viewed you will promote to others and in so doing, brings greater focus on the business value today’s new NonStop provides.

And of course Steve would like you to connect with him on LinkedIn –