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A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

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HPE SALS 2020 - 1

HPE Enterprise Account Executive Steve Kubick was in the mountains when he filmed this short video on NonStop. Filmed as it was high up in the mountains Steve gives you a short description of the vista – enough perhaps to make you want to head up into the Rockies. For those of us living in Colorado alongside the continental divide, the opportunities to breathe thin air is but a short drive away.

As much as Steve’s brief travelogue is entertaining it’s when Steve turns to the topic of outages that his story begins to gel. This is a popular topic for all those vested in NonStop and it shouldn’t surprise any of us that HPE account executives quickly turn to the topic of downtime given any opportunity to do so. On this occasion, he had the opportunity to chat with an IT architect at a large insurance company where he was given the usual response once he explained that he worked with NonStop. “Never heard of NonStop,” came the response.

And yet, as Steve notes in the video, when asked about an acceptable fail over time at that insurance company based on their implementation, the response was “90 seconds to 2 minutes!” For many of us working with systems apart from NonStop we have heard similar responses even from those who may have more than a passing knowledge of the capabilities of today’s modern NonStop systems. However, what struck Steve most of all was the casual manner in which companies, like this big insurance company, assume that this is good enough.

“My customers would never accept that,” responds Steve. Quite right, of course, outages in the world of real time transaction processing that become visible to the end user can not only lead to loss of customers but loss of reputation and lessening of brand value. Or, as Steve rightly points out, the ubiquitous message that resonated with us all, “can you hear me now?” hasn’t penetrated the mindset of many IT executives. In an environment where different apps require different systems with varying availability signatures, understanding that “can you hear me now?” can be just as readily supported by NonStop.

The video, titled 2 Minute Failover? Steve makes the case that what drove the telephone industry to implement dial tone availability 24 x 7 is just as available with NonStop. Steve then asks the question, why aren’t companies developing applications on NonStop even when they have more than a passing knowledge of NonStop? After all, programming NonStop today using modern languages, frameworks, and more is no more difficult than programming any other system. “I still have a landline for when cell phone reception is poor and it always works,” so why shouldn’t we have similar properties from the apps we access?

If you haven’t watched any of Steve’s videos of late, then this is a good one to view.


And of course Steve would like you to connect with him on LinkedIn –