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A view into the world of NonStop – one HPE NonStop sales team member’s insights …

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There are many posts to the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn and then again, there are posts to these sites that catch our attention. Having a vital Social Media presence isn’t to everyone’s taste, but when it comes to the NonStop community at large, there are posts that simply cannot be ignored. They don’t happen all the time for everyone who participates but sometimes something positive occurs that attracts views! A lot of views; more than a thousand and counting! On this occasion, it has been the post to LinkedIn prior to the Thanksgiving weekend by HPE’s own Steve Kubick that triggered a positive response across the NonStop community.

This positive response was simply due to the content Steve provided in a short video as well as to the style and approach Steve took – his message was simple; NonStop is a growth opportunity and new business centered on NonStop is a reality. Yes, coming from a salesman, such an upbeat outlook is to be expected and yet, it’s been a long time coming to see someone from the HPE sales team step in front of the camera delivering insights into where NonStop is winning. So often we hear the message of Hybrid IT and of transforming to Hybrid IT that its effect on us and on our take on NonStop is nothing more than background noise. And yet it is real and it is driving business outcomes at enterprises around the planet.

hpe dec 19

If you would like to play Steve’s short video you can do so by simply following the link below that will take you to Youtube –

When questioned on the topic of what opportunities Steve is focused on today, his response was telling. “People constantly ask me, what accounts do you manage?  I kiddingly tell them my boss told me if I want a list of accounts to go out and sign some.  While that is not exactly true, it is mostly true,” said Steve. “One of my main responsibilities is to sign new accounts.  Fortunately, all levels of HPE management are focused on signing new accounts and the NonStop division is very supportive.” Yes, new accounts bringing new business to NonStop – something we are all interested in hearing more about in 2020. The financial year has already started for the HPE NonStop sales teams and we wish them all the very best for the year, but there is still more to be said on the topic of new sales opportunities for NonStop.

In creating this short video, it’s Steve’s hope that not only do you take the time to watch it, but like it as well and pass it onto / share it with your colleagues. Equally as important for Steve, connect with him on LinkedIn –

In this way, you will not miss future videos Steve creates as Steve has already acknowledged there will be many more coming in 2020. As for the NonStop Insider community, Steve its members wish you the very best of fortunes in 2020. Keep those videos coming!