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InsiderTech Dec 2020 - 1

It has been an extraordinary year for businesses and employees.

Although 2020 has been challenging, employee health and wellbeing has been our top priority and we’ve been amazed at how well staff have coped with the ongoing changes in their working regime. We’ve seamlessly adapted to remote working without any impact on our ability to support the business and our clients. If anything, productivity and output has increased!

In 2020, we secured new contracts and helped some of our customers to migrate our NonStop products to NSX. We’ve set ourselves some significant goals in terms of product development over the next 18 months, and will be excited to share these with you in due course.

Product Development and Enhancements

insider tech oct 18 -1

Version 9.5c released.

Incorporates multiple enhancements released over the past few years, including a simple two-step batch recovery, facilitating swift recovery during site-swaps.

MultiBatch is utilised by leading UK financial institutions and the UK central bank, providing workflow solutions for their batch schedules. In some cases, customers have reduced their overnight schedules by several hours simply by balancing the parallel running of their jobs.

MQ Gate

Version 1.2 released, compatible with monitoring MQ 8.

The monitoring of MQ 8 EMS events is still problematic due to the limited token structure, with the diagnostic information held in large text buffers. Insider’s MQ Gate solution enables customers to convert the poorly structured MQ EMS events into unique tokenised events, for improved monitoring, management and escalation.

insider technologies oct 2020 - 1

Version 4.8g released.

Contains many new features, fixes and enhancements.

Reflex is utilised by leading financial institutions, including the UK central bank, helping them to monitor their  NonStop systems, events and applications, including payments and securities.

insider tech oct 2020 - 2

Version 7.5.5 released.

Our payments monitoring solution – RTLX (Real-Time Log eXtract) – continues to be enhanced.

RTLX is utilised by global payment process providers to provide superior transaction monitoring.

One of the largest financial institutions in the middle east had its RTLX environment for their BASE24 systems upgraded early this year. This financial institution utilises RTLX in order to provide their customers with instant queries for any transactions over the past 10 years.


New UI Developments

insider technologies oct 2020 - 1

Over the past 18 months, the Reflex user interface has undergone a radical change.

A presentation with NuWave on how we’re employing LightWave Server™ to modernise the Reflex GUI was shared at VIRU-NUG. Check it out here.

insider tech oct 18 -1

The conversion of the MultiBatch interfaces into HTML5 is currently underway.

A presentation on how we’ve approached modernisation using Rocket LegaSuite was shared at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. Check it out here.


NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Insider Technologies was proud to be a Platinum sponsor at the Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020.

We showcased, in the Vendor Theatres, the latest development in our pre-eminent batch scheduler solution – MultiBatch – demonstrating in real-time the process of importing and converting the MultiBatch screens into HTML5.

In addition, our Insider attendees were available to offer insights into aspects of our NonStop and Payments monitoring solutions, including:

Happy Holidays!                                    

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Keep your families safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2021!

InsiderTech Dec 2020 - 4