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Adding to the wins: Striim keeps the hits coming for NonStop users!




And the hits keep on coming! How many of us tuned in our favorite radio show – yes, we are talking about the time before streaming music and iPods – where the radio announcer cheerfully talked of hit songs that would continue without interruption for the next 20 or 30 minutes? Sometimes these songs were simply a blur in the background whereas at other times they were a distraction. Can you recall how many times you listened to the radio as it played Let it Beor Satisfaction? There was also a sporting equivalent as well. For all of us living in Silicon Valley in the late 1980s on through to the mid-1990s, Oakland put together one of the biggest baseball teams on record.

Oakland’s ball players on the Athletics team were compared to the gridiron players on the Raiders team and yes, the Athletics players were bigger across the board and the announcer at the ballpark would often yell to the crowd, the hits keep on coming! Big songs, big ball players and, as the 1980s came to a close, big systems too – it was a time of the Tandem Cyclone, the IBM ES9000 and the Digital VAX9000. Sadly, even as it was also a big time for vendors celebrating their big systems, hoping to score a hit with the industry, Northern California was rocked by its biggest earthquake – the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.

In the June issue of NonStop Insider, we wrote of how there had been more good news for Striim as the company had been recognized as a winner of the 2018 Bay Area Best Places to Work award, a program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Striim ranked the #10 Best Place to Work among companies with less than 50 employees in the Bay Area. Well, the hits do keep coming and Striim, once again, is the recipient of yet another award, being selected as a Top 5 Bay Area workplace and yes, for the second year in a row.

If you missed the blog post, Striim Selected as a Top 5 Workplace in the Bay Area for Second Year in a Rowthen click on this link to read more or simply cut and paste the following link into your browser –

“This is an especially important win for us because winners are only determined based on employee feedback about our company culture.

We think that Striim breaks the mold of what startups and other companies offer employees because we understand the need for a healthy work-life balance. As a startup, it’s true that each and every employee works hard, and we reciprocate that effort in a number of ways.”

As good as this recognition is for Striim, the company is not only about scoring a hit when it comes to providing a great place to work but it’s also the source of a big hit when it comes to data integration. The world is moving fast and as HPE CEO Antonio Neri said at this year’s HPE Discover event,

“Once upon a time, companies collected data, processed and analyzed it, and then used the insights to make essential decisions weeks or months later. Over the years, organizations got better at using their data, moving faster to drive “just-in-time” processes and decisions.

“Today, ‘real-time’ is the new ‘just-in-time.’

“Now the goal is to use our data to act on and to control the things that power and propel our enterprises, instantly. Accelerating time to value is the ultimate goal. Time to discovery. Time to market. Time to innovation. Time to action!  

“Enterprises that are able to act fast on all of their data, at the right moment — will win.

Data is now your most valuable asset. That means you should never throw a byte away, or worse yet, give it over to someone else. We intend to help our customers harvest the economic potential of every single byte everywhere — wherever it lives, from every edge to any cloud.

Data is indeed the new currency of business and those that can do the most with data, dissecting it, analyzing it and yes, incorporating it into their mission critical applications will see their businesses grow. And this is what Striim is all about – capitalizing on Change Data Capture (CDC) techniques as it interrogates log files and audit trails and then, optionally, performing local analytics before integrating with data lakes including popular deployments such as Hadoop it helps businesses gaining a competitive advantage. It is the premier product when it comes to having a single product that does it all. It is more than just breaking new ground – it’s proving to be a hit with its customers as well as its own staff. And it’s going one step further, it’s proving to be a hit with the industry!
As we said last month, it’s always good to be recognized in this manner and, as we continue to grow our installed base among NonStop users, it’s further acknowledgment that we are demonstrating how well we are serving all of the stakeholders with an interest in Striim. And again, should you like to know even more about Striim and how it helps integrate NonStop with the rest of IT or would like to know more about its data streaming integration platform, by all means contact the Striim team at any time!

Sami Akbay | EVP and Founder
d 650.241.0680 x123 |
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