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All TUGs lead to TBC!

Summer is over! At least it’s over for those of us in the Northern hemisphere!



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In the United States, the end of Summer is a good thing if you are a sports fan… Major League Baseball approaches the playoffs and pro-Football, Basketball, and Hockey all start their seasons! College sports begin as well and even the US Open tennis tournament finishes up. It’s a great time to be a sports fan!

For fans of NonStop systems, September and early-October were jam packed with User Group meetups (TUGs) around the world. TUG events occurred in Melbourne (OZTUG), Atlanta (ATUG), Toronto (CTUG), and in Mexico City (MEXTUG). There will surely be write-ups, mentions, and blog posts about these TUGs in this publication, and others associated with NonStop systems, so keep an eye out for those. It’s worth noting that MATUG in Baltimore has been rescheduled, so check for the new date soon on the Connect Worldwide Events Calendar.

As TUG season comes to a close, there’s one final “must-attend” event coming up – Technical Boot Camp 2018. TBC2018 starts on November 11 and Connect Worldwide is organizing the event. The comforte team will be there, of course HPE is also a key supporter, and almost all other vendors supporting NonStop systems will be there too.

A sneak peek into the agenda shows that there will be presentations for key trending topics such as Blockchain and Virtualized NonStop. Other key topics will be discussed including Data Security, Application Modernization, DevOps, and Continuous Integration/Delivery.

There are also excellent networking opportunities – for instance the Beer Bust, Women in Technology Mixer, and the NonStop Under 40 Pub Crawl (is there such a thing as getting a fake ID to pretend to be younger?)

At comforte, we have signed up as a Diamond sponsor and have a full lineup of events and presentations.

We are one of the hosts for the pre-conference sessions which will take place on November 11 (the Sunday afternoon before the first day of TBC). We tackle 3 technology hot spots which may pique your interest:

Cover all 3 topics in a ½ day and by the time these sessions are finished, you will definitely want to attend the Beer Bust!

For our Vendor Theater session, our topic is currently titled* – “Talk to the expert – Implementing a tokenization solution at massive scale with no downtime”. You will hear from the former chief architect at VISA and will hear the challenges the organization faced and how they are using tokenization to protect sensitive payment card data for 100s of millions of cardholders.

We are also sponsoring a Technical Breakout Session currently titled* “Turning your NonStop systems upside down – consuming cloud-based APIs at speed”. You will hear from the SVP and chief architect of a large technology consultancy firm, supporting one of the largest casual insurance companies in the world. The presenter will share challenges, risks, and experiences with integrating core applications on NonStop systems with cloud-based systems.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there so sign up now to attend, and in the meantime, check out our website for more information regarding comforte’s HPE NonStop solutions.

* Please note that our presentation titles are subject to change, as we are finalizing the presentation material for the TBC event next month.