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Any way you want to consume OmniPayments solutions, whether performance or price influenced, OmniPayments can work with you!




Over the course of the previous month there have been numerous posts and commentaries written about OmniPayments. Of them all, three stand out – two of which have been published with a third scheduled to be published very soon. The common thread within each of them has to do with just how flexible OmniPayments has become of late when it comes to the choices on offer – you want OmniPayments on a system delivered to your dock or perhaps you want to run OmniPayments as a Service during a PoC or even a Pilot or perhaps you want to run OmniPayments from out of a cloud, based on NonStop, that OmniPayments has begun to deploy? It doesn’t matter – to both customers and prospects, OmniPayments now offers choice of deployment, but whichever option is chosen, it all runs NonStop!

What follows here is the first of three posts that highlight the growing list of options every OmniPayments client can chose from:

“I am not predicting this will come from the Financial Services installed base but when it comes to other sectors, Retail and Manufacturing, there’s plenty of upside potential. While not quite on the same level as AWS, OmniPayments is working aggressively to support its OmniPayments products as SaaS / IaaS, but that’s short term as it builds out its own cloud offering optimized for the retail and yes, banking industries. If you need or want to know more of course you can reach out to Yashdirectly. So yes, following many paths, NonStop is headed to the clouds and that’s an exciting prospect – if you want AL4 for you application then just click on the AL4 as a Service!”

To read more from this post to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, turn to the post of August 20, 2018, Anniversary – how quickly they come around!

Why the reference to SaaS / IaaS? It simply came about as OmniPayments chose to be even more responsive to the needs of its clients:

“This is just one more baby step OmniPayments is taking on a journey to where OmniPayments can be run out of a cloud – either a cloud built and maintained by OmniPayments or on-premise, as a private cloud, built by OmniPayments as well. ‘From Y Box, to SaaS, to virtualization and clouds,’ acknowledged Yash, ‘it’s simply OmniPayments being responsive to the needs of CIOs and the IT staff responsible for payments processing.’ When this journey began, ‘it was about reducing the costs of acquiring the best payments solution obtainable running on the most available system and with NonStop we were able to do just that. But today, we are taking the virtualized NonStop on offer from HPE to build out a completely virtualized system spanning the globe that will be capable of provisioning all the resources necessary in support of any size FI,’ said Yash. ‘With OmniCloudX, we have really only scratched the surface when it comes to the flexibility of our product – we will support you any which way you would like!’”

To read more from this post to the OmniPayments blog, turn to the post of August 22, 2018, SaaS / IaaS; Clouds (private and public); Edge and Core! OmniPayments has you covered …

What is covered in the post (above) is just a starting point for OmniPayments! For the astute observer of OmniPayments products, yes, clouds are beginning to appear on the horizon:

“Modern payments solutions like OmniPaymnets, for instance, would have little to do when it comes to interacting with ATMs the size of a wall – it’s still all about what services the bank plans on supporting,” said OmniPayments CEO, Yash Kapadia. “Just as we are now leveraging the cloud for our processing having rolled out OmniCloudX, what you are describing here could be viewed as part and parcel of what we envision happening at the edge. And isn’t everyone talking about the Edge these days and about IoT and about sensors and robots so embellishing payments solutions that support whatever  ATMs become will be easily accommodated – just let us know how imaginative you want to be! Maybe you will see that we have OmniEdgeX in the works!”

To read more from this post to the ATMmarketplace blog, look for the post to be published later this month, Imagination; what will be the ATM, some day!

These options weren’t pulled from a hat nor were they developed with input from a group of NonStop developers looking to work on a cool project. Rather, these options reflect the close relationship OmniPayments enjoys with its customers in markets where selecting the best fit for the marketplace is paramount. Should you want to know more about OmniPayments and about any of these deployment options then you can always reach OmniPayments via email or simply give us a call!

Yash Kapadia | CEO| tel +1 408 446 9274