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Applying swarm learning to challenges created by data at the edge

By Karen Copeland, Manager, Worldwide HPE NonStop Product Management




HPE Aug 21

Maybe it is the sight of starlings in flight, swarming and making patterns in the sky with no obvious visible leadership. Perhaps it’s the sight of schools of fish displaying similar swarms. Whatever it takes to attract our attention there is no escaping how it’s almost magical the way such displays arouse our curiosity. How does this happen? What triggers such movement? Just as intriguing is how there is no apparent learning involved; it all happens quite naturally. Today we refer to this phenomena as swarm learning.

This is the topic of my August 13, 2021, post to the HPE Community blog, Applying swarm learning to challenges created by data at the edge. In a world where lines are drawn between what constitutes the edge and what role is played by the cloud, as well as the growing awareness of where data can be sent and how it can be used; has brought with it the realization that as important as gaining meaningful business insights from the data itself, swarm learning allows us to consider moving the insights derived from the data rather than the data itself.

In my blog I make reference to this need to be sensitive to the issues surrounding the movement of data.  Within the NonStop team, we have begun a dialog on the potential swarm learning might have in helping NonStop users better ingest the mountains of data headed their way:

Among nations there is a growing awareness that their sovereignty can be compromised even as there are industries where privacy is of uttermost importance. This has led companies to both protect data storage as well as restrict data transmission.

If you watched the popular film A Beautiful Mind and had seen Dr. John Nash (as portrayed by Russell Crowe) following a group of pigeons then you might be interested in reading my latest blog to see the influence his actions in that movie continues to make to this day. You may even be curious to read the connection between the work of Dr. Nash, game theory, swarm learning and the manner in which NonStop might participate:

This will be a topic covered in the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) October 5-7, 2021, in Denver. HPE Master Technologist Justin Simonds will be providing the NonStop community with further insights into swarm learning.

If as yet you haven’t read my blog simply click on the hyperlink above or cut and paste this url into your browser –