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Are your NonStop security measures up to standard?



Security Measures

NonStop means critical. Critical means secure. Secure means security.

In an age of increasing pressure on IT security, combined with a global audience for the times things don’t go to plan, it pays to be on top of your NonStop’s security measures.

But with a plethora of IT security standards and 3rd party security applications, it can be a challenge keeping all aspects of your security in check.

Even when you make great efforts towards this, being assessed as compliant to a standard such as PCI DSS does not guarantee that your systems are actually secure. This is due to the checklist nature of assessments and often the lack of HPE NonStop expertise of the QSA or auditor who conducts the assessment.

So why not remove this risk– speak to TCM, the NonStop Security experts, who can provide a NonStop Security Audit service, tailored to your exact requirements.


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