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Between annual NonStop Partner Symposiums – for networking, NonStop team partners with comforte and Infrasoft!




It seems more than appropriate to note that with the upcoming NonStop Partner Symposium there are more than just updates about NonStop on the program for this event. In past years there have been surprises even as there have been opportunities for greater participation by partners in key NonStop initiatives. Attendees of recent Regional User Group (RUG) events will by now be familiar with the Migration and Modernization Services program, whereby multiple named vendors have been identified who will be only too willing to help any NonStop user migrate to NonStop X systems.

For Infrasoft, the news that neither SWANs nor SNAX were being ported to NonStop X was received as good news for potential future sales of uLinga. However, in the intervening 12 months since the last NonStop Partner Symposium was held, the NonStop team asked for presentations on providing alternatives to SNAX and SWANs with the result being that Infrasoft together with its sales and support partner comforte, came up with all the right answers to where today, there appears within the NonStop X price book references to both HPE NonStop cF uLinga Enterprise Extender (EE) and HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25. For a complete description of both of these products, check out the comforte article in the August issue of NonStop Insider – uLinga provides SNAX and X.25 support for HPE NonStop X:

HPE NonStop cF uLinga Enterprise Extender (EE) provides SNA support on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. It enables seamless migration from SNA to IP and provides a level of fault tolerance across the links where available. For those responsible for network monitoring, standard IP monitoring tools can be used for visibility of the application, end-to-end, even though the applications themselves continue to remain as SNA applications and are unlikely to require any change to begin using uLinga.

HPE NonStop cF uLinga for X25 provides X.25 support on HPE Integrity NonStop X and HPE Virtualized NonStop systems. The beauty of this migration is that it is done without the need to change mission-critical applications or the client interface. Moving to IP will increase flexibility while ensuring application integrity and cost reduction.

Infrasoft developed uLinga from scratch, based upon extensive knowledge of existing SNA as well as proposed new protocols and services that were beginning to gain traction with the former SNA community. “Think of it as a complete rethink for how best to address support for SNA applications in the 21st century where IP protocols in the Internet are the dominant networking protocols,” said Peter Shell, Infrasoft Managing Director. As such, uLinga represents a fresh take on preserving SNA applications while removing dependencies on underlying SNA networks – the APIs every SNA programmer knows remain such that moving applications to uLinga requires no application programming changes.

“uLinga is a product suite with multiple products carrying the uLinga logo,” said Shell. “They have all been developed over time in direct response to NonStop user requests. For now,

HPE will be selling uLinga for EE and uLinga for X25 on NonStop X. Should there be a requirement for uLinga for DLSw on NonStop X then that will be dealt with on a case by case basis. It should also be noted that all other uLinga products for NonStop including uLinga for CICS and uLinga for IMS as well as uLinga support for other platforms including Linux and Windows are still being sold and supported by our partner, comforte.”

Infrasoft partnership with comforte has seen both partners enjoying the many years of working together; we continue to thank comforte for the invitation they extended to us to join them in responding to the NonStop team’s request to provide an update on alternatives to SNAX and SWANs. The results are not only good for the NonStop community and the vendors involved but represent definitive proof of the desire of the NonStop team to involve the NonStop vendor community at each and every opportunity that arises. Should you now like more information about Infrasoft products then please reach out to the comforte sales team.

And of course, you can always contact me directly at our Infrasoft office.

Peter Shell | Managing Director | Infrasoft Pty Limited | tel +61 411 105 330