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Massive volumes of electronic transactions are being processed, every single second of every day, relentlessly, all around the world.

Payments transactions, including: automated teller machine (ATM) and retail point of sale (POS) traffic, SWIFT and money transactions, inter-bank transfers, emails, SMS and text messages, corporate information, Government data, military command, smart meters; the list grows day by day, on a level unimaginable only a few years ago.

For more than 25 years, Insider Technologies has been monitoring, tracking, analysing and alerting all manner of high volume transaction behaviour including: anomalies, patterns, discrepancies, specific content, variances and origins for Banks. Governments, Security Services and the Military.


But as patterns, usage, volumes and diversity of data have changed, so has Insider Technologies.

Keeping pace, indeed leapfrogging, our customers’ requirements, not only though our own extensive R&D, but also by applying state of the art techniques of volume management, data storage and retrieval, pattern and data analysis, data mining and graphics presentation tools; Insider Technologies continues to leverage its Sentra platform to provide comprehensive, innovative, reliable transaction monitoring for a wide range of application areas, improving an already unequalled price performance.

Sentra is made available via Insider Technologies strong Partner Programme that currently spans North America, Central & South America, Western & Eastern Europe and Australia.

Contact us direct to be introduced to a partner in your locality, or to discuss how you can get involved with our partner programme: Inside Track.

 Karl Gilbank | Sales & Marketing Director
+44 161 868 6658